DSLP1: New Surge Protection for LED Lighting Systems


CITEL have launched a new Compact, DIN rail mountable product DSLP1 which is a combination of MOV and Gas Spark Gap components, secured by thermal dis-connector and connection indicator.

This can be installed inside the bottom of the Lighting Pole thus saving time and ease of maintenance.

CITEL’s new DSLP1 is for Surge Protection for LED Lighting Systems. LED street lighting is now widely used for its efficiency, its energy cost savings and its life expectancy. Nevertheless this attractive technology has an important weakness: its sensitivity to transient voltages created by lightning or by power switch operations on AC network.

CITEL is a France Headquartered, Multinational Company with Indian subsidiary set-up last year. Founded in 1937, CITEL is an industrial group that engineers, manufactures and sells protection solutions for electrical, networks, telephone (digital & analog) and mobile equipment against electrical transients.

CITEL is a worldwide leader in the surge protection market. In 1944, CITEL became the manufacturer of the first Surge Arrester. In order to limit surges generated by lightning to an acceptable level for equipment and installations, the most efficient solution is setting up a protection device against these surges, called Surge Protective Devices on AC power or communication networks of the installation to protect. In 2000 CITEL applied new technology for AC surge protectors (VG series).

“LED Street Lights and industrial Lighting is growing worldwide and also in India. This is the future of Street and Industrial Lighting. To protect the LED lights from damage because of Surge, it is important to protect them and all Quality LED Light manufacturers use proper Surge Protectors in their LED Lights.”