Dual Display Auto-Ranging LCR Meter Model - LCR 459


“KUSAM-MECO” introduces a New Auto-ranging LCRmeter Model - LCR 459. It has Dual display L/C/R - 4½ digitsmaximum reading of 19999 & Q (Quality factor annunciator)/D(Dissipation factor annunciator) / R(Parallel series Resistance Annunciator) / 4 digits maximum reading of9999. Basic Accuracy is 0.5% for Resistance & 0.7% forInductance & Capacitance. It measures Resistance

Additionally It has 4 test parameters which is :Ls + (Q,D,Rs), Lp + (Q,D,Rp); Cs + (Q,D,Rs), Cp +(Q,D,Rp). The LCR459 has Backlight LCD display.

Its Test frequency is 1KHz and 120KHz for Inductance & Capacitancemeasurements. Resolutions for Resistance upto 0.001 Ohms & for Inductance/Capacitance upto 0.1mH/0.1pf. The Power requirement of this meter is single standard 9-volt battery or External DC Adapter. It has Auto Power off function.

It has a strong protective Holster. It has overload protection 0.1A/250V fast blow fuse. Fusedetection function informs that the fuse is open or damaged. Dimension is 192(H) x 91(W) x52.5mm(D). Weight is 365g. (Including accessories). It supplied with Test Lead, Manual,Carrying case, 9V battery & spare fuse.

For more details visit www.kusam-meco.co.in, www.kusamelectrical.com