Generate, store and use your own renewable energy


GILDEMEISTER energy solutions presented innovative solutions for renewable energy generation, intelligent storage technology and energy efficiency solutions which are tailored specifically for industry on an exhibition area of more than 300 m².Among other things, GILDEMEISTER energy solutions exhibited aCellCube FB 30-130 storage unit, a CellCube FB 30-130 and a SunCarrier 22 under the motto "Generate. Store. Utilise.” Generate One highlight of the live exhibits were the SunCarrier 22, which provides up to 35% more output compared with fixed systems.With up to 4.3 kWp per wing and low installation height, the SunCarrier 22 is a worthwhile investment for any photovoltaic application – as a small system with up to 11 wings controlled by a motor or as an effective tracking system in large wind farms.Flexible fixing options and an alternative design are possible. Store The CellCube energy storage system provides emission-free energy based on Vanadium Redox Flow technology.Tested and proven in practice over many years, the CellCube provides an uninterrupted supply of electricity via solar and wind power plants - even in the dark and when there is no wind. Visitors to Intersolar witnessed a live demonstration of a CellCube FB 30-130 with a power of 30 kW and a capacity of 130 kWh.The CellCube is a stable electricity storage device with scalable system power for every situation.