Gerry Weber Open 25th anniversary tournament with HARTING Connectors


The HARTING Technology Group will be playing its part in the 25th GERRY WEBER OPEN from 17 to 25 June in Halle in Westphalia. Asthey place their serves, the tennis professionals can be certain that the decisionstaken in every match will be completely unequivocal. This is because HARTINGTechnology Group will be providing the 25th GERRY WEBER OPEN with their Han-Eco® connectors for data, signals and power. The Han-Eco® connectors will be installed in the umpires’ chairs and used in the matches between the first-classplayers at the tournament.


The GERRY WEBER OPEN has been one of the most important and prestigious tennistournaments in the world since its launch in 1993. Even in its first year, it attracted anaudience of around 85,000 to watch exciting volleys on the Centre Court in the GERRYWEBER STADIUM, which is also used for other major events throughout the season. Lastyear, a total of 111,000 people watched some thrilling world-class tennis the audience atthe final of the ATP tournament alone numbered 11,500. The total prize money for 2017amounts to over €1.8 million.


“We chose HARTING and the Han-Eco® because the connectors made a good impressionon us in every respect: they are reliable, robust and guaranteed to perform well, makingthem ideal for our tournament,” said Stephan Pumpe from the Marketing Department atGERRY WEBER WORLD. The HARTING connectors will be installed in the umpires’ chairs and connected directly to their laptops.


The Han-Eco® can be fitted quickly and easily. It is used by the organizers of manybroadcast events such as pop and rock concerts, theatre performances and musicals. “We are delighted that with our connectors ensuring supply and communication we will bemaking a contribution to the smooth running of this leading tournament,” said StefanOlding, Managing Director at HARTING Deutschland GmbH Co. KG.