METTLER TOLEDO Introduces TLX Basic for Automated Parcel-Sorting Solution


METTLER TOLEDO offers TLX Basic for cost-effective automated parcel-sorting solution for profitable, efficient logistics.


The solution had made easy handling parcels, smalls and flats of any shape and size, capturing a complete data profile that can be used for sorting, tracking, load-planning and revenue recovery.

METTLER TOLEDO’s new TLX Basic is a dimensioning, weighing and identification system designed to improve productivity in parcel-handling environments. Its cost-effective nature may make it of particular interest to companies that are upgrading from manual or semi-automated parcel handling to fully automated parcel handling.


TLX Basic delivers heightened productivity through its use of the high-performance dimensioning and weighing technology METTLER TOLEDO is known for. Captured dimension, weight and barcode data is accurate and repeatable. This data can then be communicated to a sorter for immediate action or used to update invoices for revenue recovery. Reporting capabilities also allow real-time data analysis.


TLX Basic can be supplied in a number of configurations for integration into different workflows with different levels of automation to meet different application needs.


All TLX Basic components are approved according to a wide range of industry standards, resulting in legal-for-trade data in all regions. The components support flexible integration for fully automated sorting or sorting that allows operators to manually intervene when necessary.


METTLER TOLEDO’s transport and logistics experts are available locally to guide first-time users through the automation of parcel dimensioning, weighing and identification.


TLX Advanced is also available for operations that require more refined reading capabilities, advanced operation modes or faster processing speeds.


For more on METTLER TOLEDO’s TLX Basic and TLX Advanced and how they can support efficient, legal-for-trade logistics for your sorting and shipping application, visit