NORD DRIVE SYSTEMS The Powerful Conveyor Drives


In September 2017, the recently introduced NORDAC LINK series of field distribution systems will be furthersupplemented by frequency inverters for motors rated up to 7.5 kW. With these additions, the new seriesfrom NORD DRIVESYSTEMS will then comprise a comprehensive line-up of drive solutions specificallytailored to networked conveyor systems with many drive axes. The new size 2 systems will be deployedwherever smaller drives do not suffice and extra power is needed – for instance, in inclined conveyors,hoists, or long belt conveyors.


Distributed drive technology from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS are the new systems take overheavier-load horizontal and vertical conveying tasks.

Hoist functions and the STO and SS1 safety functions according to EN 61800-5-2 are included by default. Byintegrating geared motors that are produced in-house into the drive system configuration, NORD is able tosupply complete solutions from a single source to system engineers and operators of warehousing,distribution center, intralogistics, or baggage handling facilities. Interfaces for all common fieldbuses andIndustrial Ethernet protocols are supported. Plug connectors for power, sensors, and communication linesensure particularly fast and error-free installation and maintenance. The size 2 frequency inverterscomplement the smaller drive size and motor starters launched earlier in 2017, which cover a large part of allintralogistics drive applications in the 0.55 to 3 kW range.


NORDAC LINK series has extensive functional features likecomfortable and flexible control options, simple and flexible connection options, and easy commissioning of field distributionsystems.