New AC TRMS Clamp Meter launched by KUSAM-MECO


 “KUSAM-MECO” has recently introduced Model KM-076 is a new AC True RMS Clamp Meter. 600A AC True RMS Clamp meter has 3 rotation indications, backlight functions, MAX/MIN/AVG recording mode with unique AmpTip™ function. This unique feature allows users to keep the cable at the top end of the Clamp Meter & get accurate measurements whereas in other meters, the current cable has to be at the centre of the clamp to get the best accuracy.


The clamp meter has VFD-V & Hz function specially designed for variable frequency drives which can measure TRMS 600A AC Current upto 400Hz frequency, TRMS AC voltage 600V upto 60Hz frequency, DC 600 Volts with capacitance upto 2500 µF, Frequency, Continuity, Resistance, Temperature upto 400ºC / 752ºF.


With TRMS Clamp meter we can measure DCµA current which has a special feature of Non-contact EF detection with Crest peak-RMS hold & data hold facility. It has the highest safety levels having transient protection upto 6 KV lighting surge and meets the requirements for CAT III 600V & CAT IV 300V AC & DC. It meets E.M.C. requirements and Double insulation per UL/IEC/EN61010-1 Ed. 3, IEC/EN61010-2-033 Ed. 1, CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 61010-1 Ed. 3, IEC /EN61010-2-032 Ed. 3 & IEC/EN61010-031 Ed. 1.1 with fire retarded casing.


600A AC True RMS Clamp Meter is supplies with Soft Carrying Pouch, Operating Manual, Test lead set, Bkp60 banana plug K-type thermocouple, Alligator Clip set, BKB32 banana plug to type-K socket plug adaptor