P-LINE - Super Enameled Aluminium Winding Wires from Garg


P-Line Super Enameled Aluminum Winding Wires are user friendly and easier to handle.

They are 3 times lighter than that of Copper due to which the production and handling cost will be decreased greatly.

The pros and cons of Aluminium vs. Copper has been discussed over the past so many years. The electrical equipment manufacturers have been concerned ever since about the different properties of the two metals and its suitability for the applications in the industry.

Super Enameled Aluminium Winding Wires have lot of advantages over Copper in certain aspects. They are lighter in weight, have better Heat Dissipation Properties and above all cost effective when compared with Copper. The cost of the end product with Aluminium winding wires will be considerably less than that of the ones with Copper winding wires. Reduction in the weight and the cost of the product are the best part of using Aluminium winding wires.

The Salient Features are: Cost effective, Lighter in weight, Higher heat resistance, Temperature class - 180?C, Suitable for high speed automated winding, High break down voltage, Reduces production cost, Polyurethane / Polyester coated (Enameled), Hard Oxide Coated, Can be directly soldered and easy to handle.

Insulation: Have excellent insulation properties as their Enamel coating is done with Polyurethane/ Polyester and coating with hard oxide film coating on the surface, thus making it easier to handle.

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