Portescap introduces High Performance Delivering 22mm High Torque Planetary Gearbox


Portescap introduces the new 22mm High Torque Planetary Gearbox which features a full metal gearboxdesign and specially designed gears providing continuous torque up to 3.7Nm and efficiency ranging from62% to 82% with a max recommended speed of 12,000 RPM.


This gearbox can also be operated above the max recommended torque and speed value for a rated powerrange (With limited duty cycles or time). Based on comprehensive reliability testing, the R22HT is capable oftwice the torque output of previous products. The new gearbox will be available with 2 to 4 stages with ratiosranging from 10.9:1 to 850.3:1, which means 65 different gear ratios to work with depending upon thedifferent application needs.


R22HT is an ideal solution for applications such as electrical grippers, medical analyzers, windowventilation actuators, medical physiotherapy tools, camera actuators and many more. Due to its highefficiency factor, the R22HT is a perfect motion solution for battery operated tools due to its lower weight andmechanical package which results in better handling comfort for battery operated equipment.


R22HT is compatible with Portescap’s DC and BLDC range of motors between 22mm to 25mm diameter.These gearboxes will be manufactured in an ISO certified facility and are RoHS compliant.