Quickly openable but tightly sealed R2.1 series energy-tubes from igus

Energy igus

At EMO 2017, igus is presenting its R2.1 series energy-tubes, which are available immediately in new sizes and with even more accessories. In spite of being sealed, the tubes of the R2.1 series can be opened very easily, which makes assembly work even easier.


The R2.1 series energy-tubes, which keep chips out, only consist of two parts: a link and a crossbar that functions as a form-fit lid. These lids can be opened very easily from both sides – now, this can be done along either the inner or outer radius. Users can choose the type that is best for their needs, which makes assembly and maintenance work even easier.


"The chip-proof e-tubes from igus are primarily of interest in the area of machine tool making as a reliable energy supply in an environment where chips are often present ", explains Lukas Czaja, Head of Industry Management Machine Tools at igus.


"This industry is faced with the enormous challenge of mastering the increasing pressure of prices combined with rapidly growing technical requirements. The R2.1 series provides outstanding chip protection, can be assembled efficiently and stands out due to its very good price/performance ratio."


During the chip test in the 2,750 square metre igus test laboratory, it was shown that the tubes of the R2.1 series are among the tightest sealed energy tubes on the market. During this laboratory test, the tube is moved continuously in a chip drum filled with two kilograms of metal chips of very different sizes and shapes. After 100,000 cycles, the size 40 e-tube R2.1 only let 0.5 grams of chips accumulate inside.


Expansion of product range for extremely fast, individual assembly


A completely new size with an inner height of 48 millimetres is available as a version with lids that can be opened along the inner radius. The sizes with an inner height of 26 millimetres or 40 millimetres are also available as versions that can be opened along the outer radius. Due to this expansion of the igus product range, users can always determine the filling method that is the best for them. Assembly or later filling can therefore be carried out very quickly.


Technical features for quiet and cable-friendly energy supply


The lids of all the versions of the R2.1 series are openable and do not have to be removed completely in order to fill the tube. Their contours are smooth and the curvature and tight manufacturing tolerances guarantee that chips do not accumulate between the stops. In addition, the smooth inner contours of the R2.1 and the rounded latching separators made of identical material ensure that the cables on the inside are not damaged or abraded. The integrated grid design also ensures a firm hold of the interior separation, even in side-mounted applications. Due to a brake in the stop-dogs of the individual chain links, operation of the chain is considerably quieter. Less vibration means more precise work on the workpiece. And due to the double stop-dogs, the energytube can absorb high fill weights and can even master long unsupported lengths. With the universal connecting elements of the R2.1, the strain on the cables can be relieved either inside or outside the chain cross-section.