Rotolinear offers Metal Bellow Couplings


Rotolinear Systems offer Metal bellow couplings, safety couplings . These Bellow couplings are with features like backlash-free, high torsional stiffness, precise transmission of rotational angle, Maintenance free, low inertia, compensation of radial, axial and angular misalignment etc. Metal bellow couplings are available upto torques of 5000Nm and Miniature models upto 10Nm. Different models like with Collet clamping, Conical hub, Outer conical hub, Flange mounting, Set screws, Expanding clamps etc are available.

Safety couplings (Torque limiters) are available upto torque range of 1600Nm. Four models are available in Safety couplings 1st is for mounting tooth belt pulleys, Sprocket wheels, Spur gears the 2nd model bellow type with conical hub, 3rd Bellows type with collet clamp, and 4th with servo insert type collet clamp. Single position engagement, Multiposition engagement and full disengagement options available.