Schmalz introduces Powerful Magnetic Grippers for Hot Parts



Schmalz’s new series of magnetic grippers are designed to handle ferromagnetic workpieces and feature high holding forces and excellent temperature resistance. These grippers make it easier to handle ferromagnetic workpieces such as perforated plates, laser-cut parts or sheet metal with drill holes and apertures. Custom connection options ensure that there is always a surface on the product that is suitable for gripping.

The magnetic field of an integrated permanent magnet ensures that the workpieces are gripped securely. Compressed air is used to move the magnets, which activates and deactivates the gripping. A voltage source is therefore not required. A low level of compressed air is sufficient to control the gripper and ensures reliable operation even if the compressed air supply fluctuates. The magnetic gripper’s bistable design provides reliable, fail-safe operation even if the compressed air level drops: The workpiece remains securely gripped even if the power supply fails because the magnet retains its current position, whether “grip” or “set down.”


The grippers’ aluminum housing makes them extremely compact and lightweight. Schmalz offers a comprehensive range of accessories for the new series, for example custom attachment systems with mounting threads for holders on three sides. Multiple grippers can also be installed directly next to one another in a block. Optional extensions for the grip surface allow for optimal handling of round and non-flat workpieces such as pipes, and they can be individually adjusted to fit specific workpieces.


Schmalz offers two versions in various sizes: The HP (High Performance) version generates high holding forces for particularly heavy workpieces with low residual holding force. A removable friction ring made from a material that leaves few marks withstands great lateral forces while also protecting the surface of the workpiece. The diameter of the grip surface ranges from 20 to 50 mm for the HP version and achieves significantly higher holding forces than the current SGM series.


An optional sensor for piston monitoring detects the position of the piston to ensure high reliability in the process where the magnetic gripper is used. The sensor is equipped with two LEDs that visually indicate the position of the piston.