The Future of Fire Fighting has arrived with Hands-free Thermal Vision


Firefighting in Europe is set to be revolutionized with the launch of an advanced in-mask thermal imagingintelligence system called Scott Sight.


Traditionally when firefighters enter a scene, one member of their team will have a hand-held thermalimaging camera which they use to navigate through the scene, assess their surroundings, and for searchand rescue. Additionally, they are required to communicate what they can see through the thermal imagingcamera to their colleagues behind them who are working in darkness, therefore acting as their ‘eyes’ andnavigating them safely.


This cutting-edge wearable technology now means that a thermal imaging intelligence system can beintegrated into each of the firefighters’ masks, giving them back their sight, thus providing them with a clear,unobstructed view in real-time of their surroundings, by keeping a thermal image in sight at all times withinthe mask’s display.


This development in thermal imaging technology is a huge evolution in firefighting and could completelytransform the speed and accuracy at which they can do their jobs. Scott Sight will further protect the lives offirefighters when entering a scene by giving them back their vision and their hands. This will allow them tosafely navigate a scene and speed up the rescue process, thus spending less time in a dangerous scenarioand ultimately further protecting the lives of civilians.


Scott Sight is exceptionally lightweight at just 240 grams, powerful resolution of 160x120 at nine frames persecond through an infinity lens to ensure firefighters see a crystal clear picture without causing eyestrain.


Scott Sight is also configurable to the induvial wearer’s needs, with adjustable view, user interface options,and hot spot and temperature settings.


LonginKloc, Global Product Manager, Growth Initiatives from Scott Safety said: “Scott Sight is agame-changer for the Firefighting industry. It is a sophisticated thermal imaging tool that will help oureveryday heroes to tackle the toughest situations by providing a clear view of what is going on. This willenable them to focus on the challenge ahead without being hindered by the equipment they use.”


Scott Sight has been developed by world leaders in the design, manufacture and sale of high performanceproducts for the fire services, Scott Safety, cementing the company’s commitment to improving firefightersafety by developing market-leading products.