Walter AG launches Walter Cut MX tool for grooving and parting off


Walter AG introduces Walter Cut MX tool for grooving and parting off that adopts proven technology and eliminates the weaknesses of existing systems from competitors. The self-aligning, tangential clamping of the MX system and the dowel pin location in the insert seat lead to greater repeat accuracy, stability and process reliability.  Furthermore, unlike comparable systems, chances of incorrect fitting of inserts is obviated with the Walter system, which makes handling completely reliable. In addition to the high-precision toolholder system with precision cooling, the Tiger·tec® Silver PVD cutting tool materials of the indexable inserts also ensure maximum tool life.


The inserts have four precision-ground cutting edges. Cutting depths of up to 6 mm and cutting widths from 0.8 to 3.25 mm are available in the standard range. Walter provides customers with custom sizes and designs, e.g. an insert to produce a radial groove with a chamfer measuring up to 5.65 mm wide, in the shortest possible delivery time via Walter Xpress. Due to the extremely precise centre height and the ground cutting edges, the system is ideal for precision grooves, circlip grooves and small diameters. This makes Walter Cut MX particularly interesting to small parts manufacturers with high requirements for accuracy. With this efficient system only one type of cutting insert is required for both the left- and the right-hand tool holders. Furthermore, if one cutting edge breaks, one can continue working with the rest.