Y Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine

Launches Surface Finishing Equipment Co.

Surface Finishing Equipment Co. have introduced unique designed Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine in which ‘Y’ shaped job handling overhead conveyor is provided to increase overall productivity of machine, two motorized trolley with Hanger are provided for alternate shot blasting purpose, two Blast Wheel Stations located strategically on Blast Chamber which fire Abrasives on revolving hanger.


The hanger first rotate Clockwise, thereafter Anti-Clockwise for pre-set time,ensuring thorough blast cleaning of the components loaded on Hanger.


The machine is equipped with Abrasive Circulating & Cleaning System. An efficient Dust Collector is provided to remove constantly dust in Blast Chamberand keep the abrasive clean of dust and remove broken Shots.


For further details, please visit the website: www.sfecindia.net