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About Imtex

The flagship event of IMTMA was started in 1969 and IMTEX was split into two, Metal Cutting and Metal Forming technologies, in 2009. IMTEX at present hosts only metal cutting machines and is held every alternate year during the odd years.

The show has emerged as the biggest machine tool exhibition in South East Asia. Tool Tech is the exhibition held concurrently with IMTEX and showcases the machine cutting tools.

IMTEX 2017 was the last edition of the metal cutting exhibitions and has attracted exhibitors from as many as 22 countries including India and hosted as many as 1024 exhibitors. The event also saw group participation from eight countries.

MTEX 2019 is to be a stage where several main solutions and products tend to be put on show. These will be about Industry, Manufacturing, Hardware, Machinery, Machine Tools, Metalworking, Metal Cutting and Welding.

With 84000 expected attendees, IMTEX 2019 is a noted event in Industrial Products and Machinery & Manufacturing.


  • Lathes
  • CNC lathes
  • Drilling Machines
  • Boring Machines
  • Milling MAchines
  • Gear cutting and finishing machines
  • Screwing and threading machines
  • Planing, shaping, slotting and broaching machines
  • Sawing and cutting-off machines
  • Tool grinding machines
  • Honing, lapping, polishing and deburring machines
  • Special production machines and unit heads
  • Electro erosion machines
  • Machines for unconventional and other operations
  • Machining cetres
  • Hardening and heating machines
  • Assembling systems and industrial robots

Expo Zones

The Pavilion will have zones focusing on various aspects:

  • Innovation in Product Development, Engineering & Manufacturing.
  • Products Developed through Additive Manufacturing (Component Gallery).
  • Technology Profile.
  • Keynote Presentations.
  • Start-up zones.
  • Case study presentations to young engineers / students.

Taking Manufacturing to the Next Level

Mass Customization is the future.

Conventional Manufacturing techniques are capable of producing a great range of shapes and designs but additive manufacturing takes production to the next level. Indian manufacturing industry now needs to move towards the next level and embrace technologies such as 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing to move up the ladder and compete globally.

India : Opening New Horizons

Break restrictive design paradigm and feel free to design as in AM

As per advanced manufacturing survey 85%* of the Indian industries are aware of advanced manufacturing technologies such as IIOT, Additive Manufacturing, Advanced Robotics and Augmented Reality and nearly 80% of the companies are ready to adopt advanced manufacturing by 2020.

The adoption will be majorly from large and medium industries. (*Source: FICCI & TATA Strategic Management Group)

Special Focus in AM Pavilion

  • Academia and Technical Institutions
  • R&D Institutes
  • Application Engineering & Services.
  • Publication (Books / Periodicals).
  • Policymakers.
  • Certified Research Institutes in AM.
  • Workshops.