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Market Research:

The best way to know about the pulse of an industry is doing an effective research. In this special edition, MachineMaker, with the co-ordination of IICC, have ventured out to do an elaborative market research on Indo-Italy collaboration in the technical, economic and social category, the challenges and support from both sides and the way ahead in future manufacturing. We aim to make this issue informative and thoroughly knowledgeable for our readers to have a pleasant read.


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1. Are you already working with Italian machinery manufacturers?

2. With which European companies you work most?

3. If you had to choose an Italian machinery product, what would be your consideration points?

4. Thinking of Italian machinery, which of the following sector will first come to your mind?

5. As per your knowledge, how many Italian machinery manufacturing companies have an established presence in the Indian market?

6. In your opinion, which are the factors that limit the attractiveness of Italian machinery in India?

7. If you’d consider to invest outside of India, which manufacturing destination would you choose? Why?

8. Are you aware of the activities promoted by the Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce?

9. What kind of services and/or support would like to get from IICCI?


10. Machine Maker is coming out with BRAND ITALY issue in collaboration with IICCI. What are the contents you would like to read?