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Start-Up Toolroom makes The Most of Mastercam’s Offering

Mastercam, Burhani Engineering

After 15 years of experience in the machining, a young Aliasgar Jawadwala ventured into his entrepreneurship journey looking for partners from the same sector. Mastercam was the first choice for his Machining Partnership. A core Mastercam user Mr. Jawadwala owned Mastercam Mill3D even before purchasing his first CNC Machine. Today he performs his entire requirement of machinings such as 2D drawings, 2D modelling or even Final machining with Mastercam.

Aliasgar Jawadwala started Burhani Engineering, based at Vasai (Mumbai), by manufacturing moulds for general engineering OEMs. He gathered his existing experience through works and collaboration with several manufacturers using Mastercam solutions and otherwise.

Programming Made Easy

Mastercam Mill 3D 2019 provided by ACCAD solutions has been a savior for Mr. Aliasgar as the newer version has enabled him in making the programming much easier and smoother. “Earlier, programming in the older versions was a little complex but now the 2019 version things have become easier.”

Training made the journey smooth

“Designing a complex program is never an easy job. But the support provided by the trainers of ACCAD solutions has made every compound thing ease for me.” Mr Aliasgar also adds, “ I have also listed out some insertions required in the solution and their response has been overwhelming.”

“Aliasgar is a core user of Mastercam products. He regularly engages with us for timely updates and solutions. For one of his recent technical changes, we are working closely with Mastercam US, and hope to give a solution immediately”, informed Thomas, Managing Director, ACCAD Solutions, the leading reseller of Mastercam in India.

‘Mastercam Solutions Have Been a Backbone Throughout’

Being an avid user of Mastercam’s solutions, Mr. Jawadwala has never failed to appreciate them. Talking about his latest machinery, Mastercam’s Mill 3D,he quotes “Mastercam solutions has never failed to impress me. The newer version of the software is the best you can get. It is user-friendlywith possibility of reworking on your saved work. Waterline finishing is the best option developed.”

Asking of what he thinks about any improvements in the software, Mr Jawadwala adds, “ To select a tool path a direct command should be accepted, i.e. windows+toolpath instead of going to edit and doing it which makes the task monotonous and consumes time.”

‘ACCAD solutions have carved a niche for themselves’

Mr. Ramesh Baleri, Sales director, Mastercam solutions talk about how ACCAD solutions has always incorporated their trust on Mastercam products. He quotes, “ACCAD Solutions are our fastest growing Reseller and are among the top three resellers in the region. Thomas has built a strong team, who believe in our product and also their abilities to support customers across a diverse domain. They have carved a name for themselves in the west region and most of the customers, via ACCAD, use Mastercam for their Design and Manufacturing requirements. I’m certain that the ACCAD team is untiringly contributing to our customer’s successes.  The success at Burhani Engineering is the result of ACCAD team keeping them updated on the current release of Mastercam and constantly encouraging them to push the boundary to achieve their entire design, drafting, modelling and machining work within Mastercam. This is laudable and brings in innovation in the MSME segment.”

The advantages of using Mastercam Mill 3D include-

Quality of finish on moulds after using Mastercam Mill3D:

Best quality–Earlier extra moulds used to form but after using mill 3D, everything is proper.

Extended Tool lifeafter using Mastercam Mill3D:

Great tool life–Earlier due to cutting, contouring or lines used to appear. But now, no such line is visible which eventually increases the tool life.

Quick turn-around times improvement after using Mastercam Mill3D:

Time Saving–Quick turn- around times has improved as the area roughing operation has been introduced.

Complete Design and Manufacturing using Mastercam

The experience has been 100% satisfactory. Mill 3D has included so many options for designing for 2D, 3D designing that designing now is no more a tedious job.

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