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Imtex 2019

Advance Cooling Systems exhibit their special range of Panel Coolers and Chillers at IMTEX 2019


Paving its way into the Indian market and getting ready to carve its niche, Mumbai based Advance Cooling Systems, contentedly showcased its wide range of coolers and chillers at IMTEX 2019.

The company have installed over 1,20,000 cooling devices till date and have a customer base of over 1800 satisfied users which meets the needs of vital industries - metal cutting, telecom, food processing, chemical, instrumentation, electrical and electronics, medical and other fields. The products are used around the globe with installations in the Middle East, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, South Africa, Nigeria, Australia, United Kingdom, and the USA.

Today, they have expanded their spectrum of refrigeration based products and our product portfolio includes Panel Air Conditioners, Water/Coolant/Oil/Glycol Chillers, Air to Air / Air to Water Heat exchangers, Compressed Air Dryers, Crane Air Conditioners

In an exclusive interview with The Machine Maker magazine during the IMTEX 2019, Mr. Deepak Puri, the Managing Director of Advance Cooling Systems talks about their successful journey as a company and their product varieties.

Products in IMTEX and star attraction

Advance cooling systems in Imtex exhibited their unique products: A chiller with ±0.1 C, IoT ready and Industry 4.0 which is communicated with Modbus or Ethernet or Wifi. And, Panel cooler from 800-1800 same unit, IoT ready and industry 4.0. 

All machines contain electronics and when the electronics are not cooled, they heat due to excess thermal load and produce erratic output. Therefore the coolants are used to provide the machinery with proper thermal stability.

Expansion plans

The company is gearing up to cope up with the current market trend, industry 4.0. The two branches of the companies are totally overflowing with the units and hence they are planning to set up a third manufacturing plant in Bangalore which would include all units in a single unit.

Changes witnessed in IMTEX

Inquiring about the changes observed by him in the journey of the company of IMTEX, Mr. Entering into IMTEX for the 27th time, the company has been a witness to the changes happening in IMTEX since its participation here. They see IMTEX as a World-class exhibition and are indeed happy with the success of ‘Make in India’ initiation.

Advance Cooling Systems aims at providing the customers with highly reliable, innovative, cost-effective and quality products along with unsurpassed customer service.