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Imtex 2019

Agile Machineries lasers its innovations into the Indian market through IMTEX


Invading the Indian market and becoming the youngest and the fastest growing industry for Laser market solutions, Agile Machineries has been able to set up a benchmark among the Indian customers.

The company has been into the Laser industry for the last 10 years and is growing towards becoming a big name and carving its niche in the Indian market and overseas.

At IMTEX 2019, Agile machines presented its different innovations that included basic economical Laser marking machines, complete turnkey solutions with pick and place mechanism where, the machine is used to automatically pick up a component from the line, drops it into the indexing table. The indexing table then goes to the second station where the marking happens and the 2D code scanner is used to check the component. If the component is marked okay, it is transferred to the right line and if not, it is segregated. The third showcased innovation is the laser marking machine which can even mark on a slant surface.      

The company has been associated with IMTEX since the last 9 years and takes part in both the metal cutting and metal forming exhibitions of IMTEX. Henceforth, it is also a witness to the changes that have happened these years in the exhibition. When asked about the changes, Mr. Hitesh Parikh, Director-Marketing of Agile Machineries Pvt. Ltd says ”Our company has been associated with IMTEX since the inception. Since it is celebrating its 50th year, the changes today than the earlier times are vast. There has been a huge infrastructural change. Also, the technological aspects have been growing. Overall, IMTEX has become a big show for all the manufacturers to showcase their products.”

Expansion plans

Agile Machineries plans to establish its offices all across the country. And through this IMTEX, it focuses on getting the OEMs for business.      

Agile Machineries Pvt. Ltd. is a young venture started by four budding qualified and experienced entrepreneurs which offer advance marking, coding, identification, tracing, testing, fabrication, industrial automation, and software solution. Their mission is to provide advanced industrial and automation solution integrated with professional services at affordable rates to the customers by combining advantages of least overheads of smaller companies & best management practices of the leading organization.