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Imtex 2019

AIR PEL TECHNIC to introduce new mist cleaner products at IMTEX 2019

Air Pel Technic, IMTEX 2019

A Pune based company, AIR PEL Technic is elated to showcase their Oil Mist Filter, Vapour X, and Fume Extractor products in the upcoming IMTEX 2019 from 24-30 January in Bangalore.

An 18-year-old AIR PEL Technic is engaged in manufacturing and supplying Mist & Dust Collectors and Dry Smoke Filters. Their comprehensive range consists of Coolant Mist Collector, Coolant Mist Separators & Oil Mist Collectors. In addition to this, they offer Pulse Jet Dust Collectors and Electrostatic Air Filters, Electrostatic Air Cleaners and Welding Fume Extractors. These products are manufactured using high-grade raw material. Along with this, they use technically advanced machines which enable to manufacture the products with complete accuracy and in bulk quantity. These features are acknowledged by the nationwide clients for their attributes like corrosion resistance, low power consumption, easy installation, simple operations and longer service life. While manufacturing the products, their professionals follow global quality standards and norms.

AIR PEL Technic have come up with a total of 3 products which are designed to help the companies’ problems of machine corrosion and unhealthy air. Manufactured in India to the highest standards, AIR PEL creates the filters that filter the air in stage wise procedure without heavy cost filter replacement and maintenance. The Oil Mist Filter is used to draw oil mist from the machines and send the purified air back into the factory. The company has made this product available in 5 sizes suitable for every machine size.

The second product to be introduced is the Vapour X filter, which is used to remove Heat and steam from the machines and helps the machine to stay away from corrosion. This product is also made available in 3 different sizes according to the needs of the customer companies. The final product to be launched is the Fume Extractor. It is used to prevent the oil smoke and oil mist from getting out from the machines. This is also available in 4 different sizes.From the last 15 years, AIR PEL is offering proven reliability for manufacturers, protecting machine operators from harmful airborne oil mist and metal particles. Thus providing a pleasant working environment

Visitors from Catering, food Industry, Machines, Construction, Material Handling Equipment, Chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, Textile Machinery etc. and others can find them at IMTEX on Hall 5, Stall-L102.