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Imtex 2019

Alex Machine Tools showcases its wide stock of surface grinding machines at IMTEX 2019


Standing high at being world’s 1st company possessing the highest range of surface grinding products, Alex Machine Tools in IMTEX proudly exhibited its range of surface grinding machines at IMTEX.

Alex Machine Tools is the largest manufacturer of high precision surface grinding solutions in India, supplying machines globally to more than 20 countries. Countries include India, U.S., Germany, U.K., Canada, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Oman, Kenya, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand. ALEX enjoys a clientele of blue-chip companies that are leaders in major sectors of the Engineering Industry. Over 10,000 ALEX grinders are in successful operation – the result of continued development in design, quality, electronics, and automation.

The company’s focus is laid upon developing their machines similar to the European machines. They have their seller network expanded to both the small scale manufacturers as well as the MNCs.

Products at IMTEX

Being a manufacturer of surface grinding solutions, the company deals with a wide range of high precision solutions. The products showcased at IMTEX this year include a broad spectrum of reciprocating machines which encompass new models and new sizes. The small-sized reciprocating machines designed for the entry-level customers and the large ones designed for the dye mould industries. They also have a vertical spindle rotary machine for continuous production and high productivity. Horizontal Surface grinder also showcased that provides high accuracy and produces a fastest and cleaner output. The third range of product is the Double Disk Grinder; the series uses powerful double disk grinding technology to simultaneously grind opposite and parallel surfaces flat, at high rates of production.

Each machine and product is catered to serve the needs of different customers. By different customers, the emphasis is laid upon the industries which are in the requirements of the machines manufactured by Alex Machine Tools.

Changes observed in IMTEX

The company has been associated with the IMTEX since its very beginning. Therefore the members have been a witness to the drastic change in the exhibition. The growth of the IMTEX has been wonderful and the show has been great for the manufacturers who have been on a lookout for the expansion of their business. Customers from all kinds of background have been a visitor to the exhibition which makes it a larger show.

The company has already carved its niche in the Indian market but still looks forward to strengthening its growth here. Also, they are preparing themselves for expanding their brand in the international market as well.