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Imtex 2019

ATQ METRO to showcase their range of metrology products at IMTEX 2019


ATQ METRO is an ISO 9001 engineering company specialized in the field of Industrial 2D/3D Metrology, Dimensional Measurement, Reverse Engineering and Traceability which is going to showcase their range of products at IMTEX 2019. With a wide range of products for contact and non-contact measurement used in production, quality control, manufacturing, and research. The company is committed to ensuring that all of the Products are of the highest possible accuracy, unmatched trust, and superior quality.

Chosen by large and small companies from the market, their comprehensive Product range within demanding market sectors such as Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Medical, Power, Precision Industries, Tool, Die & Moulds, Plastics, Jewellery, R&D, and other critical fields where precision is a pre-requisite. The company provides a full range of support including a reconditioning/retrofitting service, and a commitment to provide advice for product application and use.

ATQ METRO with its Product range is an enabler, helping its customers in different manufacturing industries to strive for perfection. With our years of expertise and unique technology, we are able to provide State of the art products and solutions that combine the world's highest levels of accuracy with truly exceptional measuring speed.  Their products range containing Video Measuring Machines, Contour Measuring Machines, Profile Projector, CMM, 3D Scanners, Vision Measurement and CMM Fixture Kit, Training and Repair Service, Preventive Maintenance, Application Training etc.  

At IMTEX 2019 the company is going to showcase the ATQ METRO TI 166 Tool Inspection Machine that  is the universal measuring machine for round tool like drills, mailing tool [end mills, ballnose] and countersinks under flexible illuminating system thanks to the compact design and great stability, the TI 166  can be employed in the metrology room, receiving inspections, or directly in production.

 The ATQ METRO  TI 166 tool inspection system is configured with SMARTOOL universal measuring software, which makes it the best instrument for all types of metal cutting tools, starting from fast checkings of single criteria, such as the outer counter or angels to complete control of special tool geometry. The user can easily achieve a PUT-MEASURE-ANALYSE measuring process with the RANGER600 which offers high working efficiency in the cutting tools quality control application. The measurement results can be easily outputted to a detailed report in excel format or a CAD file for further analyze and reverse engineering.  One can find ATQ METRO at Hall no. 3B, Stall no. A129 at IMTEX 2019, Bengaluru