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Imtex 2019

Fenwick And Ravi (FAR) celebrates its silver jubilee of being with IMTEX 2019


Celebrating their successful journey of years of the establishment into the machining market, Fenwick and Ravi at IMTEX showcased their tooling accessories.

The specialized machine tool accessories manufactured by them are used to increase the productivity and accuracy of the machines. The products and fundamentally designed and developed by them and are sometimes customized according to the needs of the customers. The company, in short, provides German engineering at an Indian price. They have an exporter network in about 18 countries.

Products at IMTEX

Here at IMTEX, the company proudly showcased its two crucial products which included a product that was already headed earlier by the company and one which was launched at the exhibition here. The newly launched Servo Control Bar feeder is equipped with unique mechanical arrangements and features. This serves as a huge advantage for the customers.

The company has been an active participant in all the exhibitions organized in and outside India. The company celebrated its 25th year here at IMTEX. Being associated with Imtex for a longer time, the company has been an observer to the gradual or drastic changes happening here. The difference in the thoughts of the customers has completely been transformed. The customers visit the exhibition and stalls with a clear perspective of the needs of them.

Expansion plans and focus

The focus is laid on showcasing the products on the thoughts of the customers. The company also plans on finding the avenues and products according to the customer needs.

Fenwick and Ravi (FAR) is a leading machine tool company established in the year 1990 at Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka state in India. Situated on a 1-acre facility with about 22,000 sq.ft. Of built up area. FAR specializes in the manufacture of Bar feeders and Self Centering for CNC turning canter, special purpose machine like crankshaft web milling, crankshaft oil hole drilling, crankshaft pin milling, cylindrical drilling, crankshaft grinding and camshaft grinding etc.

Fenwick and Ravi aims to be one of the leading manufacturers of machine tool accessories in the world.