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Imtex 2019

Gravotech to showcase a wide range of marking technologies at IMTEX 2019

Gravotech, IMTEX 2019

Gravotech is a company that has spent its last 78 years developing new technologies specifically for metal marking. Each of these marking types has special qualities that are noticeable in the final result. Metal marking can be anything from a simple V.I.N. number on a car to an intricate design on a gift. The company is currently celebrating 20 years of laser innovation.  At IMTEX 2019 Gravotec is Featuring Technology that includes:


Rotary machines have been used for metal marking since the creation of the first engraving machine in 1938. A rotating cutter removes a small layer of material, permanently etching your desired characters, designs, or logos. A rotary engraving machine is a versatile tool. Simply by changing the cutter machine is able to mark on any type of material. From small ring and bracelet engravers to high production 2’x4’ engraving/routing tables.


Dot-peen is a type of micro-percussion technology that leaves a round indentation on the material. These series of dots mark the surface without removing any material. Since this machine requires a hard strike to the surface of a part, it is not recommended for sensitive and delicate parts. Originally designed for marking DataMatrix™ codes, Dot-Peen technology can mark text, logos, static and variable text, clearly and precisely. All Dot-Peen machines from Gravotech can be integrated into a production line in any orientation. This reduces integration costs and boosts productivity. The latest innovation is the 3D stylus. This stylus can follow the shape of the part with no additional rotary devices or accessories. A distance of 2mm to 18mm can seamlessly mark a metal part with no repositioning or adjustments required. Hard to reach areas are a thing of the past with the 3D stylus.


Scribing leaves a continuous carved mark opposed to individual round indentations. Scribing removes the need for sound-proof plating or enclosures. Scribing is powerful enough for deep marking in hardened metals before and after treatment. Simple and cost-effective. One can find Gravotec at Hall no. 1A, Stall No. B118 at IMTEX 2019.