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Imtex 2019

Robo & Nano Finish attracts huge eyeballs for Grind Master at Imtex 2019


“Emerging from the very roots, Grind Master has come a long way to become the global leaders of finishing technology with their own subsidiaries in China, France, and US. Starting from polishing and now providing finishing technology, the struggle has reaped a fruitful success for the company.", told Mrs. Mohini Kelkar, Director of Grind Master India to Machine Maker during the recently concluded IMTEX 2019 at Bengaluru. Grind Master provides Specialized Machinery – with Turnkey Solutions for achieving specific Quality and Productivity results using Modular Technology Elements.

Innovations at IMTEX

The innovations presented at IMTEX include Nanofinish and Robofinish machines. This is a revolutionary technology that makes the Grind Master a global leader. Robofinish machines- Combining expertise in Robotics with Experiences in Metal finishing and Deburring technologies, Grind Master Group very effectively provides ROBOFINISH Range of Machines for Grinding, Fettling, Deburring, Polishing, Machining Processes.

Nanofinish machines- NANOFINISH range of machines use mainly Film Backed Abrasives with Grind Master NANOTouch Contact Tooling to provide reliable and high-performance solutions to a wide variety of components ranging from Engine Parts to Rotogravure Cylinders. NANOFINISH Product Range makes use of Superfinishing & Microfinishing Technology

Star attraction

Robotics has always been an attraction for the visitors at an exhibition or trade place. Likely, for Grind Master, the star attraction remains robofinish machines with Robotic Automation for Fettling of Castings, Machining, Deburring, Sculpting, and Educational Training


Being associated with IMTEX since 1987, the company finds it a good platform for exposure for different technologies. IMTEX is visited by different teams that hunt for various technologies.

It has been 30 years since the company has actively been a participant of IMTEX. They have been able to find a huge transformation from the time they were involved for the first time. With the increasing popularity of IMTEX, the machine tool manufacturing companies have also grown multifold. There is involvement of more foreign companies which have enthusiastically been the part of the exhibition.

The company by 2020 visions to become a global technology leader by fostering a culture of enduring excellence, exceed expectations through passionate and empowered people ensuring sustainable and inclusive growth.