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Imtex 2019

HELLER INDIA to exhibit their wide range of Metal Cutting Machinery


Started off as a small trade company producing cold circular metal sawing machines, HELLER has come a long way. Today, HELLER is an answer to various industrial needs and requirements. HELLER even caters to the top-notch tailormade solutions for industries that have specific requirements. From developing electro-hydraulic controls and special-purpose milling machines to manufacturing flexible and modular machining centers and system transferlines, HELLER has it all. Soon they are going to exhibit their variety of machines at IMTEX’19 in Bengaluru.

Growth as a company

Heller promises growth. Heller has invested in the facility and intensive R&D in order to refurbish old equipment for giving a new life. They believe that the ease of business in the current market should push an MSME to invest. Their local cost-effective solution is going to help them push up their business goals further. Heller is now consolidating the investment for used equipment refurbishment and looking to see how they will be able to make more impact in market. They plan to make more investments in the coming years based on market demands.

What’s at IMTEX’19?

Heller is the best quality provider in Indian market for the machines that are the need of the future due to high tolerance requirements and emission norms.

Future of metal cutting is going to have high demands in terms of tolerances, tool life, repeatability and these factors are the key offerings from Heller. When it comes to the daily availability of your HELLER, they consider the deepest vertical integration paramount.

Their goal is to showcase the latest cutting technology and be present to our customers. The exchange rate is always a challenge and they need to keep the close watch on managing the exchange rate losses. To cover this up they need to balance the import vs export that will be a great scenario but it’s tough to maintain the balance. So to understand balancing act and customers’ needs, they want to meet with more people and create a base for better trade with IMTEX participation.