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Imtex 2019

Hiwin Technologies presents an exclusive range of linear motion products at IMTEX 2019


Hiwin Technologies, a Taiwan Mechatronics Company, recently presented its range of linear motion products here at IMTEX.

Hiwin Technologies Corp. is professionally engaged in the innovation and the manufacturing of ball screw and motion control components. Always regarding "Professional Excellence, Working Enthusiasm, and Enterprise Responsibility," as their management philosophy since Hiwin has established, they strive for meeting with the demand of all fields. HIWIN has become a well-known brand with patents registered in over 34 countries including the US, Japan, the European Union, and more.

Talking to Machine Maker in a quick interview, Mr. S.S Patwardhan of Hiwin Technologies talks about the products exhibited by the company in IMTEX 2019 and their future plans for expansion in India.

Products at IMTEX and star attraction

Earlier, the company was purely into mechanical innovations, but now it also deals with the electronics industry. Products showcased at IMTEX include linear guideways, ball screws, linear actuators, linear motors, robots etc.    

The star products of the exhibition were the Robots: Articulated Robots are used when complex motions, faster cycle time, and high repeatability are priorities and rotary table: Torque motor and rotary tables ensure excellent acceleration capabilities and high precision uniform movements. Also, not denying the value of ball screws which during the last year became a reason for 50% growth of the company. Ball screws consist of a screw spindle and a nut integrated with rolling elements that cycle through a return mechanism.

The products which the company manufactures are used in various industries such as machine tool industries, automation industries, medical and also the industries that require transportation.

Being associated with IMTEX since 1986 and participating in the exhibition every year, Hiwin technology is sure to have witnessed a sea change in the organization and also the growth of the company. IMTEX has now got international fame and every foreign company looks up to India as a potential market. The companies are seeking opportunities to invest in the Indian market so as to increase their business.

Expansion plans

The Hiwin technologies plan on to set up a plant in India within the next 4-5 years as the initiative taken by Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, ‘Make in India’ is getting popular and has been talking in the markets. This would help the companies flourish and put India in the road of development.

The company aims to integrate global resources for continuous innovation, to provide a better way of life and a better working environment for mankind, to achieve the goal of continuous operation through practices of professional excellence, working enthusiasm, and enterprise responsibility.