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Imtex 2019

World’s first pump with in-built filtration system demonstrated live by Nippon Oil Pumps India at IMTEX 2019


In yet another blissful day of IMTEX 2019, a collaboration of Nippon Oil Pumps (NOP), India and Rajamane industries led to a successful demo of the pump with an in-built filtration system for the 1st time.

NOP India is a subsidiary of NOP Japan and is based has its offices in Bangalore and Delhi in India. Nippon Oil Pump was founded in 1919 in Japan. NOP is the leading supplier for trochoid pumps used for transfer of oil. NOP pumps are used in machine tools, engineering & automotive industry, oil chiller, industry burners, etc. NOP makes hydraulic motors used in machine tools, agriculture and farm equipment, etc.

Nippon Oil Pump India Private Limited specializes in sourcing and supplying a wide range of Pumps and Motors in various models, ranges and sizes.

The different products which were showcased in IMTEX also include Special Electric Motors, Oil Skimmer, Spindle repair and ferrous non- ferrous foundry.

Company’s outlook on the Indian market

Since the Indian market is price sensitive, the company strives hard to fulfill its propaganda of Make in India so as to cut down the prices. The designs are made and sent for approval to Japan and then the products are manufactured in India.

The company believes that India being a developing market, it becomes easier for them to invest here for proper and humongous growth in business.

How is the product different from other companies?

Unlike other companies, the pump is now built in with the filtration system which has reduced the operational space. This is the proven advantage the company has over other competent companies.

Expectations from IMTEX 2019

Being in IMTEX and witnessing its growth, the company affirms that it is a great launchpad for product display and expanding their networks. Through IMTEX, they aim at exporting the Indian products all over India and also explore the products in other subsidiaries.