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Imtex 2019

Octagon Precision displayed Automated Gauging Systems at IMTEX 2019


Displaying its unique range of automated gauging systems at IMTEX, Octagon Precision has come a long way to establish its name in the Indian market.

At IMTEX, the company exhibited its distinctive products which include PLC based fully automatic Crankshaft measuring system, Gauging Displays and Controllers, Laser Scanner, Shaft measurement system, Universal length measuring machine, Measuring scale and tape calibration system.

In addition to these products, the company had two-star products at their stall. These products are Gantry Automated Gauging System with Measurement Analysis by 3D Co-ordinate Metrology: The system designed for basic gauging of an automobile component with multiple bores, to gauge various diameters of holes and positions of various holes with reference to the center hole. The Gauge results were analyzed by 3D-Coordinate metrology software, which is a complex analysis with more accuracy of measurement, and 100% co-relation of result with CMM; Robotic Automation in Gauging system:  Engine cylinder Head measurement made by using a combination of Air Plug Gauge and Contact type Inductive probes. Measurements were atomized by Universal UR-5 Robot.

The other products displayed included PLC based fully automatic Crankshaft measuring system, Gauging Displays and Controllers, Laser Scanner – A non-contact type Shaft measurement system, Universal length measuring machine – for calibration labs, and Measuring scale and tape calibration system.

Expectations from IMTEX

The company through IMTEX aims at expanding its customer network and reach. It finds the exhibition the best platform for the meeting of the customers and the companies and also to demonstrate company capabilities and product range.

Differences in the Exhibition

The company has been an active participant in the IMTEX since 2009. It has observed visible changes in the exhibition like the improved inside infrastructure. The capacity has increased and also the digital registration has been implemented. Also, the quality and knowledge of the visitors have been developed which provides a greater understanding of the company to recognize its potential customers.

Despite its more positive points, the company is not so convinced with the outside infrastructure, the parking and wants IMTMA to look after that in the future.

Customer response and Expansion plans

The response of the customers for the products exhibited by the company was fascinating. There were a good amount of inquiries received. In order to fulfill the customer’s queries, the company is currently working on it by connecting with them through emails and etc. They are looking forward to organizing the inquiries into business.

Octagon Precision is looking forward to expanding capacity wise in order to obtain productivity 1.5 times. They are also planning to improve increase their capacity in the Chennai and Delhi establishments.

ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration labs in India ( NABL accredited ) Octagon Precision India Private Limited, offers a wide range of Universal length measuring machines, Measuring Scale and Tape calibration System, Gauge Block Comparators and Floating Carriage Diameter Measuring Machine. The measuring machines manufactured by Octagon are developed indigenously and mostly are import substitutes.