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Imtex 2019

OMG SRL showcases its machine tools range at IMTEX 2019


OMG SRL, dominating the market in providing the exquisite range of machine tool accessories for 70 years was highly pleased to showcase its products at India’s largest machine tool exhibition IMTEX here at Bangalore through its Indian representative company, Tushkar Manufacturing Solutions Private Limited.

Products at IMTEX

The company put up various products which included Angle Heads, equipment support to the machine in additional axis, Spindle Speeder which is mechanically driven and can increase RPM of Machine up to 35000, Multispindle heads- Multiple drill and tap can be done simultaneously. This is important to reduce cycle time, Universal Milling head, Turret Heads that can be used with Special Purpose machine as a turret, and Facing Heads, a newly developed product for Boring and Facing application where the movements are controlled by the program of the machine.

Their main focus for the Indian market was on Angle Head, Spindle Speeder, Turret head, and Milling Head.

Experience of being at IMTEX

According to Mr. Umakant Yadav, Sr. Sales Engineer, Tushkar Manufacturing Solutions, Imtex has been an accurate platform to generate opportunities for their business, increase the awareness in the market, and understand customer expectation and many more. He adds, “IMTEX offered us to display our product range on targeted customers with more opportunity of business conversion. There is a variety of solutions displayed. Each solution has its own advantage. With this latest solution customer can enhance their productivity. It provides convenience to achieve more precise quality. Reduce the cost of production. The benefit of end-user will   definitely help to increase our presence in the Indian market."

Customer Response

The company had received a large footfall of visitor although the position of their stall was difficult to reach first. A good number of interested visitors were received which indulged them in the discussion of various applications. The exhibition has increased the opportunities for business for the company.

OMG was established in the 1960s as a small workshop specialized in designing and manufacturing multispindle heads. At that time, production centered on three products: tapping spindles, adjustable joint multispindle heads, and variable center distance multispindle heads. Later on, in line with the evolution of the mechanical engineering industry, OMG expanded and developed, taking part in the diffusion of new products with innovative and cutting-edge proposals for this research and production sector. The cutting-edge technologies employed in the manufacturing processes and the use of new computerized methods resulted in the O.M.G. brand name and image becoming widely known to small and large companies alike, an image sustained by a long series of advertising campaigns.