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Imtex 2019

Quaker Chemical India showcases its oil and coolants range in IMTEX 2019


Global leaders in Metallurgy industries, Quaker Chemical are an American company, strengthening its roots in India.

Since 1918, Quaker has been establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with leading customers in primary metals, metalworking, and other basic process industries all over the world. Today, we have a global presence in 21 countries and 35 locations, with over 50% of 2017 net sales outside the U.S. They are also well positioned for growth in key emerging markets such as China, India, and Brazil.

In India, the company is settled in Kolkata with its manufacturing office in the same region.

In IMTEX 2019, the company contentedly exhibited its wide variety of lubricants and oils which included  Water soluble semi-synthetic coolants, Neat cutting oils, Corrosion preventive fluids, Drawing and stamping oils, Forging oils, Washing Cleaners, Die release lubricants, Greases, and Quenching oils.

In a quick conversation with the MachineMaker, M.r Robert, the Area Manager for Tamil Nadu, Quaker Chemicals, opened about his thoughts on IMTEX and the company.

Global presence through Apps

The company’s modus operandi about the promotions includes promoting through customer interaction tool or building a marketing team to communicate to the customers based on reports. M.r Robert addresses- “We have a software tool, customer relationship management which helps us get engaged through the potential customers. We also have analysis process through Outlook 360 app.”

This has helped the company gained a high global presence due to advancement in the technologies these days and also digitisation.


The company focuses on building an engaging platform for the customers and prioritizing them by providing them with the best solutions for all their needs and requirements. They serve their customer’s needs according to their applications and promise to help in any issues faced later.

The company believes that advanced technology usage which can help improve the tool life has helped them outshine other competent companies.