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Imtex 2019

SARDA MAGNETS to showcase their magnetic innovative product rage at IMTEX 2019


A pioneer in the manufacturing of magnet work-holding, clamping, separation, and various other magnetic equipment, Sarda Magnet Group is soon going to exhibit a wide range of their innovation at IMTEX’19.

Growth As A Company

Sarda Magnets has witnessed overwhelming growth over the past five years. They have established a satisfactory base of customers who are still with Sarda in the 60 years of its existence. Since last 5 years, the company is growing at the rate of average 15% every year. Including new customers, repeat orders and much more, Sarda Magnets is still going strong in the race. As per today, there are 20% are new customers in their registry, while the rest are repeat clientele.

What’s at IMTEX’19?

All the machines and magnets at Sarda undergo mandate upgrades every year. Along with some such updated machines, at IMTEX, they are also exhibiting a new addition to their innovative lot–induction molding machine magnet­.


Since the past 22 years, Sarda Magnets has been an active participant at IMTEX, and this year is nothing different. The focus always has been to maximize the outreach and pull more customers through as vast platform as IMTEX. But, this year, Sarda Magnet also wants to sow the seed of awareness on the use of magnets on industries as a whole. As per their survey and study, there are very few customers, as compared to the potential base, who are adopting their technology. Sarda Magnets wants the people to change the existing perception about magnetic products and looks forward to stirring a change for the improvement in the industrial processes.

With a staunch belief in performance, Sarda Magnets is advancing at a maintained rate. At IMTEX, they are going to showcase the newest range of magnetic fixtures and plates. These magnetic fixtures have a wide application in landing machines, VMCs, and HLCs. The leading innovators in the use of industrial magnets will be present at IMTEX’19. Do not forget to visit them and consult with the experienced experts at Hall no. 2A Stall no. A112