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Imtex 2019

SETCO Spindle India to showcase their spindle tools at IMTEX 2019

Setco, IMTEX 2019

Setco has designed, built, and serviced precision spindles and is recognized worldwide as a technical leader in the design, engineering, and manufacturer of precision spindles and spindle/slide combinations. Setco is a major spindle manufacturer with over 275,000 spindles in the field -- new and rebuilt -- which include belt-driven, geared, motorized, high speed and high-frequency models.

Excelling in the field of spindle making, Pune based Setco Spindle India Pvt. Ltd has established a modern infrastructure to manufacture a wide range of spindles, as per the customers' requirements.

A 17-year-old company is all geared up to show its auspicious presence at IMTEX 2019 for the ninth time in a row. 

Growth as company

SETCO Spindle started its journey from Pune with only 30 employees. But as the years went by, the company spread its branches to Delhi and Chennai with 75 employees engaged.  The company has developed gradually every year. In the last 25 years, the company’s growth has been recorded as 25%.

Attractions at IMTEX

The products being showcased are: Spindle machine tools, vertical spindles, and horizontal spindles; Special spindles; grinding spindles- Setco offers standard and custom grinding spindles which include cylindrical and circle spindles; Horing tools- and Fine Boring tools.

Expectation from IMTEX

The company focuses on attaining the OEM’s for them.

If the spindle tools fascinate you, do pat the visit at Hall no: 3A and Stall no. D102 at IMTEX 2019.