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Imtex 2019

TMC Measuring Instruments exhibits its range of metrological solutions at IMTEX 2019


Measuring the depths of the growing industry and gearing up to be in a race with it, the TMC Measuring Instruments has come a long way to set up its benchmark in the industry.

Founded in 1964, TMC Measuring Instruments Pvt.  Ltd. (TMC) combines the Historical Artisan Tradition with the modern High Tech Mechanics and Electronic, in view of large experience gained in the supply of hundreds of installations all over India.

Products at IMTEX

Since this is an era of automation, industry 4.0 has taken over. Hence the company shows its keen interest in featuring industry 4.0. During IMTEX, TMC exhibited a robot with automation with BMD which measures the internal parameters. Software where the readings are stored and radio frequency gauges where the readings are stored into the PC without any cable were also the part of the showcasing innovations.  Also, the exhibition included an introduction to a new machine: Multi Vickers hardness test, the machine imported from Japan which provides a wide range of test load. and Diatest. According to the demands of the customers, the gauges are designed.

The star attractions for TMC in India which were included in the exhibition, were the BMD plug gauges, the hardness test, and Diatest.

BMD plug gauges: The unique construction of BMD gauges ensures excellent accuracy for the manual gauging especially in close tolerance bores. The Life Span and repeatability of the BMD system are much superior to any other bore gauging system. BMD system is totally modular and portable. Any mechanical digital dial, Electronic Probes, and Comparators can be interfaced for further processing of measuring data. BMD Plugs are also available for Automatic Gauging with pilot taper, entry grooves etc and accessories and accessories such as right angle, depth extensions and gauging contacts to suit every measuring conditions. Self-Centering High Precision Indicating Plug Gauge allows static and dynamic gauging. Diatest: Specialist in internal dimensions. The machines are manufactured in Germany and distributed from India.

The company has been an active participant of IMTEX since the last 25-30 years and can account for the changes in the past and present. The halls are well maintained and the customers approaching also have a broader knowledge of the subjects.

Although the company holds a good position in the Indian market, the company plans to expand its horizons and set up its branches in Gujarat and Eastern India as well. Participating in IMTEX would provideTMC with better recognition and better exposure.

TMC always turns its efforts towards the future and never stops developing since, in this world where everything changes very quickly, different problems require a new solution.