LASERTEC 65 3D and LASERTEC 4300 3D Additive manufacturing in finished part quality

With the LASERTEC 65 3D, DMG MORI has integrated the generative laser deposition process in a fully-fledged 5-axis milling machine. The LASERTEC 4300 3D combines the procedure with the turn-mill equipment in a large work area of ø 660 x 1,500 mm. These intelligent hybrid solutions combine the flexibility of additive manufacturing with the precision of machining, thus enabling the manufacture of complete components in finished part quality. This laser deposition process uses a deposition process by means of a metal powder nozzle, which enables complete machining without the need of a process chamber and is up to 1 times faster than generation in a powder bed. This is beneficial, as the trend is often towards increasingly individual manufacturing.

 Adding to this, components are getting more and more complex. With the LASERTEC 65 3D and the LASERTEC 4300 3D, the production of overhanging contours without a supporting geometry is entirely possible. The latter as turn-mill machine even enables 6-sided complete machining of 3D components. The combination of laser deposition welding with machining on one machine opens up completely new application and geometry possibilities. Large components in particular can be produced cost effectively with these hybrid solutions. Flexible switching between laser machining and milling also enables component segments which are no longer accessible on the finished part to be machined directly.

 With the LASERTEC 65 3D, DMG MORI has already gone one step further and offers ULTRASONIC grinding as an option. This way, Inconel components – for example, the blades of a drill bit – can also be built up generatively here and then finished in the required quality. For this purpose, only the ULTRASONIC grinding tool is inserted into the standard spindle via an automatic tool changer. With the combination of technologies, DMG MORI can virtually double productivity. After all, there is no longer any need for eroding on the one hand while on the other the service life of tools is noticeably increased due to the reduced process forces.  

Highlights of the LASERTEC 4300 3D 

  • Unique: Laser deposition welding and 6-sided Turn & Mill complete machining
  • Generation and machining of workpieces 
    up to 660 × 1,500 mm / 1,500 kg
  • Precise NC-controlled deposition welding also of different material combinations, e.g. copper on Inconel for the aerospace industry
  • 10 x faster material deposition compared to powder bed processes or galvanising

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