Incredible stories of Indian Manufacturing

Our success is primarily due to our leadership team in India

Alan Phillips

Phillips India is completing their 10 years of journey. With overwhelming services, satisfied customers, and happy employees, Phillips has reached to an commendable position as a CNC solution provider. Yet, with an outlook to thrive better and a hunger for learning, people at Phillips still believe they have miles to go! Alan Phillips President of Phillips Corporation, USA talks exclusively to Machine Maker about their highly successful 10 years in India.

Challenges and Triumphs 

“Our success is primarily due to our leadership team in India.”

Phillips India puts its success in the perspective of the financial burden they had years ago when there was a dramatic shift in the relationship of the dollar and the rupee, which made Haas machines much more expensive. The expensive machines resulted into a terrible financial pain for the next couple of years. With the significant strategic support received by HAAS Phillips was able to survive the threat of losing the intact organization and also create record sales in the year 2018. 

On the same note, Mr. Alan Phillips, president of Phillips Corp. said, “Phillips’ ten year journey in India incredibly exciting. It is most wonderful that we are currently in a situation where our sales results are impressive and rapidly improving, while the market opportunity facing us is extraordinary. The fact of our terrific results and great positioning is a function of both our leadership in India—Terrence and Shubhra and the entire extended Phillips India Senior Team. Importantly, we are also grateful to the quite significant support we have received from Haas over the years.”

What’s Next On the List?

Phillips has a lot of expectations of growing further in India. With Narendra Modi being elected as the Prime Minister, people at Phillips did foresee many of their dreams to come true. As results show, since he is on the chair, India has improved its global position relative to “ease of doing business”. The number of associations of industries from the overseas and India has only grown. From #130 of 190 countries in 2016, to #100 in 2017, to #77 in 2018 (China is ranked #46 and the USA is #8), India is swiftly running up the ladder of ranks.

India’s manufacturing is very small compared to China–perhaps only 10% of China’s size. But Phillips believes that India’s manufacturing industry will grow faster than any other country over the span of next ten years. That is because of very favourable conditions for India, including Prime Minister Modi’s growth oriented government, multifold educated/skilled people, the high energy and positive expectations of a young workforce, a growing middle class that can afford more products, relatively low cost wages, and an approving currency equation.

To add to their confidence of doing well in the future of manufacturing, Mr. Alan also adds,

“I was a part of the ISHA Leadership Conference in Coimbatore with 220 entrepreneurs (where about 210 of them were from India). The positive energy and positive expectations for India from these successful businesspeople was noticeably contagious.”

The challenging and questioning youth of the country and gave not only a ray, but a glaring beam of hope for the future.

He also said, “As you can see we have grown the organization rapidly the last couple of year to meet our expanding opportunity. And we have focused very hard on the hiring process so that we bring aboard terrific people—people who are both highly skilled and significantly in the learning mode. It is a lot more fun to work with compelling Partners. As we move forward we will do more of the same.”

Talking about future plans, Phillips has a large investment plan on the list currently into their information systems by upgrading their business systems to Microsoft’s cloud based 365 system and also upgrading our CRM to the Microsoft 365 products.

Wonders of I Series

When asked about what his thoughts were about the I series Mr. Phillips said, “Mr. Bob Murray, the Haas Business Manager, has repeatedly told Terrence and me that the Haas I models will continue in India. Recently, Haas expanded the I model value based offers to include VF-5/40i and DTi Drill Tap models as well in addition to continuing with the VF-2i and VF-4i. I don’t know of any other product lines that offer as attractive value as Haas which offers high tech American made CNC machine tools backed by aggressive pricing and quality service.”

Phillips has great product lines that are part of our EPD Engineered Products Group, which are competitively priced and are also well positioned for significant sales growth in India.

Other Technological Upgrades

On the scene of current technological upgrades, Phillips has a lot going on. Phillips Vision of augmented reality for service engineers is still under wraps. David Harris, VP Service at Phillips Corp., has been developing the product and it will be shown at the show in Bengaluru later this month. Also, their App–The Phillips Machinist–is making great strides in India as well.

Mr. Alan staunchly considers that in future the opportunity with EOS in India and Phillips will grow dramatically. Additive Manufacturing to be in the beginning process of transforming metalworking in India. Phillips proudly represents, EOS, the global market share leader in Additive. EOS is the only company able to create machines capable of true production of metal parts, rather than just one-offs like prototypes and fixtures.

Phillips India is very much important to the Phillips global business. Phillips India is fully functioning, culturally aligned, family member creating impressive sales results and facing incredible opportunity.