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Enticing the Indian polymer market with Italian Innovations


Italian based Piovan Group is a global leader in the development and production of auxiliary automation systems for storage, conveying and processing of polymers, plastic, and food powders. Piovan SpA has over fifty-five years of experience in the plastic industry which has allowed the company to acquire an extensive cross knowledge of the polymers processing and they wish to share this heritage with the clients, has been attracting the Italian and Indian masses towards the process automation.

Emerging as a company of 1044 collaborators, 7 production facilities and 29 services and sales companies worldwide, Piovan, during its long history of growth and challenges have incorporated the values and individual skills as its corporate culture. The growth has been exponentially increasing every year positively which has directed the company towards its profitability.

Consistent Performance through Automation

The company provides plastic ancillary equipment to the plastic processors for automating their factories, move plastic granules automatically through a pneumatic vacuum conveying system and other industrial processes.

Amit Bajaj, Country Manager, SAARC, Piovan Group points to the challenges the company has been facing. He says, “In India, Piovan Group are supporting Indian manufacturers to upgrade their technology through our innovations. The manufacturing challenges faced by our customers are our challenges, and the majority are the issues with the consistent performance of labourers who are not process oriented which eventually creates a difference in the quality of the work.” From the customer’s perspective, Piovan has been number one in terms of providing the best quality products.

Customers, People, Innovation

Amit avers that the work culture in Piovan India is liberal overall. But in order to maintain the timely and quality delivery of the products and solutions, there are some areas where the management has to be a little strict.

In his message on the corporate website of Piovan Group, President Nicola Piovan talks about their three pillar, Customers, People, and Innovation. From his quote, “These pillars of our philosophy have allowed us to grow along a path that was chosen over 50 years ago. We pursue our objectives for development honestly, with integrity and transparency. Principles that we have been true to for three generations.

Leading from the front

Hailing from Hyderabad, Amit Bajaj who is very passionate about electronic gadgets holds a post-diploma degree holder and is settled in Mumbai since 1996. As a Junior Engineer, he started his professional career at a young age of 20. At a very young age, with his hard work got the opportunity to head Piovan as Country Manager, SAARC based out of India.

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