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Grounded with Humility Gearing Up for Greater Heights

Ankita Shroff - SAV Chemicals Private Limited

It is not often that we hear about a woman who chooses the manufacturing sector as a career option and moreover sets out on her own expedition to make a mark with a view to face every huddle with an empowering spirit of determination. Times have certainly changed in the true sense with Ankita Shroff, Co-founder and CEO of SAV Chemicals Private Limited who was fearless to dream big paving the way to achieve each one of them.

Ankita completed her Bachelor in Computer Engineering from MIT College Pune after which she went on to pursue her Masters in Management from Imperial Business College, London. She also completed her Diploma in Responsible Leadership and Sustainable Businesses from Swedish Institute Management Programme and started her career as an Intern working on a Robotics project despite her Engineering degree. This exploring thought made her fall in love with machines. Ankita found her long-awaited path and decided to focus on traversing through the manufacturing sector. She was passionate about starting her own venture albeit her father has a fully fledged real estate business, Ankita wanted to identify her potential through her own experience and SAV chemicals was established on 9th April 2014.

The incorporation was not easy. Ankita was zealous about manufacturing however she needed to be sure of her decision, hence she started surveying the market. Initially, she wrote emails to all her connects and different OEMs to explore the idea of taking up a franchise, which was fruitless. While she was still on the lookout, she was approached by her Taiwanese Classmate, with an offer to start a joint venture collaborating with Taiwan based Cartell chemicals. Ankita once again inspected the market, did a detailed research comprehending the capital investments, the scope and the risks involved, and she made a call after 18 months and signed the MOU. Before starting SAV, she worked on getting bubble tea to India however it did not work out as expected.

SAV team started their company as an adhesive manufacturing company with their biggest challenge of competing with the already established brand names and create a distribution channel in the retail market; this roadblock led them to enter the non-retail market. SAV Chemicals manufactures industrial and retail adhesive which diversifies their solution application in varied fields like the automobile industry, mobile phone manufacturers, shoe manufacturers etc. With their technical knowhow from Cartell, SAV Chemicals has also provided their services to 3D printing. They have a wide range of products like surface insensitive adhesive used for bonding wood, paper or rubber, the metal adhesive used for metal bonding, all purpose adhesive and many more. SAV Chemicals is also setting foot into E-commerce steadily as their new project.

SAV Chemicals has now started spreading their wings globally too, offering their services to countries like Nepal and Philippines and they also plan to approach East Asia countries but their idea to create a brand name in the Indian market remains their prime focus. They intend to reach a 20 crore turnover in the next five years by expanding their production setup, increasing their global network and researching the B2B segments. SAV Chemicals is still growing and is focused to raise the bar in the next few years.

She had her challenges, she had her setbacks, she had her failures but her positive outlook, her spirit to have fun while you work and her strategic planning with a discerning mind, made Ankita believe that if she is patient and stays grounded; she will achieve all that she has planned. This belief has brought SAV Chemicals to the next level today with a strength of 25 full time workers.

Her family and friends who have been her support system and her inspiration motivate and inspire her each day to face every minor or major setback with a determined approach. Her partners, Vishal Saraf and Alok Munot who are also her family members have been a constant source of inspiration and are steadily helping SAV grow bigger and better. Today Ankita has established her own identity as the Co-founder of SAV Chemicals and continues to add value to her family business as an Associate Director of Shroff Group. Although Ankita’s exploring mind, nudges her to set out into different fields in the manufacturing sector like component manufacturing for E-cars, Battery manufacturing, warehousing or even hospitality sector any other value add services, she believes in taking one step at a time.

“Consistency and collaboration are significant virtues in the industry, utilizing your network and opportunities and keep socializing and learning from every one you meet every day” are a few words of wisdom from Ankita Shroff who stayed firm on her grounds fighting against the odds to make a mark as an empowering woman.

It isn’t the capital investment, it isn’t the infrastructure, it isn’t the resources; it is the ardent soul that Ankita Shroff possesses that has made her loved ones proud of her achievements and she will continue to inspire us as she relentlessly pursues her dreams.