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Industry4.0 to create industrial revolution in India

B P Poddar

This is an era where everything is swaying the digitized way. People here, individually, are all ready to bring up a revolutionary change in the industries and market through Industry 4.0. But little do they know that without coming together, the implementation of this big step seems a little doubtful.

B P Poddar, an entrepreneur, a technical writer, a keynote speaker, and Senior Vice President, FEMCO, Fatty Tuna India Private Limited talks about his journey and how Industry 4.0 can be a success in the markets of India.

Mr. Poddar is a mechanical engineer who immediately after his graduation joined a German company, Ex-Cell-O GmbH, Mumbai as a trainee engineer. Later after 5 years, he was promoted to be the Head of the Project Department. Here at Ex-Cell-O, he found a robust opportunity to build up his career as he got to learn the fundamentals of machine cutting tools and was also responsible for various projects deployed in India. After 6 years of serving the German company, Mr. Poddar took a massive decision of quitting his job and starting his own consultancy in Pune. Meanwhile, he got an opportunity to work with the St. Gallen University, Switzerland, for the distribution and marketing of Swiss machine tools in the Asian countries. He is currently the Vice President of FEMCO India.

He says, “There are two organizations that have enriched my life and transformed me into a man of wisdom and pride, Ex-Cell-O and the Fergusson College. These organizations have been a strong foundation in my life and career.”

Indian Industry

India is currently experiencing phenomenal growth in the service segment but is surely lagging behind in the manufacturing industry. This is due to the no connection between the Indian industries and Indian academia. The students need to change their mindsets and look at the brighter perspectives of being associated with the manufacturing sector as it is the driving sector of the nation.

Although Industry 4.0 has been doing rounds in full swing in the Indian market and individually everybody is ready to accept it, the success of it won’t be achieved as long as the stakeholders come together and understand its real need. They say Unity in Diversity can make anything happen. So if every single individual comes together for the successful implementation of Industry 4.0, a revolutionary change in the industries will take place which is currently the need of the hour.

Motivation mantra and passion for life

Mr. Poddar is highly passionate about writing. He is a professional technical writer having written about 40-50 modules for people’s skill building. Whenever he gets time off his compact schedule, he writes and develops the content that prevails to human behavior.

He has his technical write-ups published in various top-notch magazines such as Efficient Manufacturing Magazine, Machine Tool World, Dynamic Manufacturing World, TAGMA Magazine, GDC Tech, and MFG Tech Update Portal.

According to him, situations play an important role in changing the perspective of your thinking and abilities to make decisions. He quotes, “Convert your bad situations into motivation and this would enlighten your path towards success. Also one must strike a balance between the happiness and materialistic goals for a bright future.”

Industrial 4.0 is a blend of advanced analytics, Big data, Robotics and Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT) whose adoption can enhance the operating profits of the Indian companies by 40%. There needs to a shift in mindset before there is a shift in capacity. Instead of just undertaking more capital expenditure, the focus should be on enhancing the existing asset base.

Mr. Poddar finds always a great time to support people around him. Take the opportunity and connect him  via to know more about machining and motivation in life.