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Bierrebi Cutting Solutions paves its ways into the Indian market

Boban Charly

Starting their venture 25 years ago in India, Bierrebi has set its foot in the Indian industry to increase their business productivity manifolds.

Talking exclusively to Machinemaker, Mr. Boban Charly, Executive Director, Bierrebi Cutting Solutions, talks about the company and its journey in India.

 Indian presence and the Journey

The company started its business in India in the year 1994. Gaining success after many years and selling many units of their cutting equipment to the major innerwear companies, they decided to open up an associate company, Bierrebi cutting solutions, in Coimbatore in 2017. Since then, due to the painstaking efforts and dedication of the team, the company has further increased its presence and activity on the market with greater sales the last year.

Challenges faced

Mr. Charly answers, “Startups are always challenging and needs lots of patience. The challenges we faced in setting up our business here involves the overall bureaucracy and also the difficulties in recruiting skilled and loyal people.”

Thoughts on the Indian market

India is the fastest growing yet stable country. The company sees a brilliant future for India in all the sectors it has been working into. They see it as a great opportunity to put a step in the Indian market as it is a huge market and a leading nation. This would help them increase their network and also enhance their productivity.

Expertise and new innovations

Bierrebi is into manufacturing and selling their own cutting systems for the garment industry for Tubular Products. It has a market share of 50+ machines which itself speaks about the customer's response towards it.

The company has always come up with new products. Currently, it is in the process of launching a new generation of Automatic cutters, AC series, with totally new electronics and, are completely ready for the Industry 4.0 

Bierrebi Cutting Solutions Pvt Ltd is a well-known manufacturer of Garment Machinery. The Company operates a Global network of agents and, guarantees the efficient operation of its equipment to customers around the Globe.