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AMTEX 2018 is all set to Rev up Indian Manufacturing

Cyril Periera - AMTEX 2018

AMTEX, one of the highly sought after exhibitions, is all geared up to open up with the latest innovations and technologies from the world of machine tool sector. The highly successful exhibition, organized by Reed Triune Exhibition Pvt. Ltd. will be held at the Pragati Maidan, New Delhi from 6-9 July 2018. 

Maintaining its status quo, the 11th AMTEX Exhibition once again promises to be a highly successful event as it facilitates the display of new age range of machinery and the technological advancements in the manufacturing industry for the visitors. The journey of AMTEX has been upward in the past 17 years. It was started in the year 2001 by Mr. Cyril Periera along with his two more partners. The main idea to organize such an event was to uplift the most left out industry in the southern part of the country i.e., the manufacturing sector. Thus, they organized the first exhibition in Bangalore and held six more afterwards. However, as the exhibition started getting recognized globally, it was shifted to Delhi.

Cyril was determined to ensure that the kind of exhibitions his company would organize should mainly focus on the industrial sectors. The Managing Director of Reed Triune did clear the objective behind the exhibition saying that “We encourage students to come and see the new technology but our main focus is to set a stage to make business happen.” He had managed this world-class exhibition to cater to the industries such as Automotive, Textile Machinery, and Consumer Goods along with Power and Electrical equipment since they organized the first edition of the exhibition.

Mr. Cyril Periera, Managing Director of Reed Triune Exhibition Pvt. Ltd., shared that the path from starting an exhibition to highlight the innovations of manufacturing industry in the southern part to transforming the exhibition to an international exhibition wasn’t breezy. The profile of exhibitors of AMTEX includes tooling, forming and other segments of manufacturing.

Mr. Cyril shared his sole agenda of exhibiting the innovations to a business platform. Over the period of time, the end user industries are in search of machinery and tools that are updated with the latest technologies while the manufacturing industries of such machinery are in search of prospective buyers. Thus, such trade fairs are ideal platform for the rendezvous of these two sections of the manufacturing industry.

He is gratified with the remarkable growth of the exhibition, year after year, in terms of the participating exhibitors, the footfalls and the prospective buyers that have contributed to an upward curve for AMTEX. The findings of survey establish the fact that exhibitors are highly satisfied with the scope and opportunities at the exhibition, and also prove that the exhibition delivers the right visitors to the industry. 

Beyond the boundaries of the country, AMTEX has truly reached to the global scale in its appeal and effect, reason why along with users and manufacturers of Indian machine tool sector, participants from machine tool sector from countries such China, South Africa, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea make a big impact in the exhibition from the international pavilions earmarked for them.

The 10th edition of this glorious exhibition was organsied in the financial capital of the country from 12-15 April 2017 at Bombay Exhibition Centre (BEC), Mumbai. 
Mr. Periera added that he witnessed the opportunities in the manufacturing industry in the central part of India during the last year. Now they wish to take dive into the northern market to see the innovative technology the machine industry has come up with.

AMTEX is being organized in the northern part of the country after 2016. The AMTEX 2016 had received an amazing response as there were 438 exhibitors along with 83 international participants and 38,000 business visitors. However, Mr. Cyril has confirmed that this year so far the count is to be around 460 companies and 30% among them are from overseas along with 40,000 visitors with business interest. AMTEX 2018 is expected to be an ideal podium for the display of technology for countries like China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Germany, USA, Spain, Turkey and UK.

Mr. Cyril has given a clarity about the past and present scenario in manufacturing industry saying that”A few years back we use to depend on western countries or specifically European countries to bring new and innovative technologies in India, high-end machinery were imported. But now India has the capability to manufacture such high tech machinery so it is ought to be exhibited.”

Delhi has been officially considered by the Government of India for Global Manufacturing and industrialization. As they have started developing Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor. Delhi is one of the major commercial centers of Asia and important economic zone in India. It is home to a wide range of industries including Electrical and Electronics sector, Home Consumable industries sector, Gems and Jewelry sector, Home Textiles sector, Leather industries sector, Metals and Minerals sector, Plant and Machinery sector, Pharmaceutical sector.

Mr. Cyril is confident that this exhibition too will offer huge scope to exhibit unique opportunities, identify new technologies and industry trends along with a wide range of products and develop a network with peers. To witness a steep curve in the growth AMTEX 2018 Cyril and his team have introduced a new technology called GoConnect. With this feature, exhibitors have been matched already with prospective buyers. Thus, before the exhibition is held the industries have the list of the buyers with business interest. This match is made in accordance with the requirements that the buyers have with the machine manufacturers delivering it. AMTEX is not limited to big manufacturing countries to exhibit they are open to any scale industries.

Emerging Scenario:

India’s manufacturing industry is continuously growing with every passing year with special thrust by the government on the sector through initiatives like ‘Make in India’ and ‘Skill India’.


The engineering sector has witnessed a growth over a few years. As there were huge investments that were done in the manufacturing as well as infrastructure sectors of India and is important for the economic growth of India. Thus, such exhibition holds an important in order to exhibit the growth.