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MACCHI bridges technological gap through its various High End Blown Film Plants

MACCHI SpA, Mr. P. Ramchandran

MACCHI SpA one of the leaders in plastic processing systems with their Indian office in Mumbai is already establishing its self in the Indian market through its various High End Blown Film Plants.  Mr. P Ramchandran, Country Manager-India, MACCHI SpA in an exclusive conversation with the Machine maker talks about the Italian company and its growth in the Indian market. MACCHI SpA supplies High-End Blown Film plants that are not available with local Indian manufacturers, to the Indian Processors bridging the technological gap. The company formally started its operation in the year 2011. 

Major Products

Its range of products includes innovative COEX-Flex extruder platforms, which provide a space-saving modular approach to configuring extruders for blown film co-extrusion applications. The design reduces onsite installation time as well as maximizing extrusion capabilities; COEX-Flex Blown Film Dies — Macchi has been involved with the manufacture of COEX-Flex multilayer blown film die for over 10 years for hundreds of co-extrusion applications. The dies compact design provides fast purging, consistent gauge uniformity, and maximum productivity; Horizontal Oscillating Haul-Off Systems — the company manufactures Horizontal Oscillating Haul Off Systems for all types of blown film applications. Its innovative features enable customers to produce the film quality it takes to compete in today's markets; BO Plus Surface Winding Systems — finished roll quality is extremely important to its customers. Macchi’s versatile BO Plus winding systems provide the ultimately finished roll quality, operational efficiency and safety; Recotrim Systems — in maximizing raw material usage efficiency, the Recotrim system allows users to reclaim film scrap fast and efficiently in a pelletized fashion back into the original product at the resin's original cost.

MACCHI SpA is under constant development of a new and advanced range of products to keep up with the changing market scenario. The new product will be MDO line.

Challenges faced in India

The company originating from Italy has found the Indian land a good region to grow their business into. But there were different challenges faced by them to accelerate the business growth here. The shortage of skilled technicians to handle fully automated machines was the major issue faced by them.

Plans for market growth in India

Mr. MACCHI SpA from Venegono, Italy, is a world class supplier of sophisticated innovative blown and cast film extrusion systems to the worldwide plastics packaging industry producing complete lines from mono to nine layers for a stretch, shrink, agricultural, lamination, masking, food industry and pharmaceutical film.Ramchandran answers that the demand for high-quality processing machine is increasing every year. Hence they plan to increase their demands in India land so as to increase the business growth of the company.