Incredible stories of Indian Manufacturing

Imagining, Evolving, Competing without limitations

RIDDHISH JALNAPURKAR, Salvagnini Machinery India

It is a time when many of the European companies are moving their productions to China, and at the same lowering the performance parameters of the machines made in Europe in a bid to disrupt and divert the attention of customers from performance to price. India is traditionally a very price sensitive market.

This has brought up unfavourable effects to the manufacturing of Indian and Italian companies. But there is a company that has come up to break the notions about Chinese manufacturing, Salvagnini Group. The group believes in making imaginations become a reality without any limitations, by making machines with only one quality and that is “Top Quality”.

Sitting in his office, Riddhish Jalnapurkar, Country Manager Sales (India) of Salvagnini Group reminisces about the journey of Salvagnini group and his excitement about the brand.

Salvagnini- “Technology for the Future”

Providing unparalleled solutions for close to 50 years, the Italian company, Salvagnini Group designs, builds and sells flexible systems and machines for processing sheet metal: punching machines, panel benders, press-brakes, fibre laser cutting machines, FMS lines, automatic store-towers and software.

The three words that describe Salvagnini’s activity in the field of flexible automation and industrial machinery for processing sheet metal are Innovation, competency, and service. In favour of its high-performance machinery and systems, manufacturing and designing, Salvagnini is able to offer the customers of today highly optimized and customized solutions, that equips them for the future and adjust their manufacturing strategies to face and win the ever-evolving and dynamic market conditions.

Salvagnini natively integrates the 4.0 concept among its solutions: in 1985 it produced the first automatic job shop (AJS) for lights-out production comprised of 12 interconnected systems that communicate with MRP. Today AJS indicates a set of Salvagnini systems that are orchestrated by the OPS process software for the intelligent integration between machines and the customer’s ERP.

Evolving in India

Salvagnini initiated its operations in India 8 years ago and currently has registered office in Bangalore with the presence of its people in Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad, and Chennai. The company is involved in the sales and service functions of the machines. When the company initially started working, there were only 11 machines. But as the company is growing, the number of machines has increased from 11 to over 111 plus machines.

Not everything comes so easily and smoothly. Talking about the challenges the company has been facing in the Indian market, Mr. Jalnapurkar says, “The Indian market is very challenging. Trying to establish oneself here requires a lot of patience and missionary work. You have to ready to take up any challenge and cope up with it at all times. We deal with premium products and making the people understand about the benefits and every detail about it is often challenging and time-consuming.”

A zealous engineer

Excelling as an engineering graduate, Riddhish Jalnapurkar has been the sales in chargeofsheet metal working machines since 1995. He is a person who is personally extremely excited about brand Salvagnini. “I wish to introduce this wonderful technology to the Indian customers and help them grow their business globally.”- Mr. Jalnapurkar says contentedly.

The Italian connect

At the beginning of his metalworking career, Riddhish had been working for an Indian company in sheet metal working. He recalls his experience of working with both the Indian and Italian company.  He says, “The work culture, product design, quality, performance, and sales are completely different for both the countries. What pertains to one does not do to the other.”

“Italian companies sure shot have been established as growth accelerator for the Indian markets. The companies bring in knowledge, possibilities, and opportunities for the Indian markets to flourish in their respective fields.”- Adds Mr. Jalnapurkar.

Salvagnini now has 5 production facilities and 23 operating companies, with 1,510 employees and a production area of 75,000 m2. More than 6,000 Salvagnini systems have been sold and installed in 75 different countries worldwide.

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