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Gimatic’s Pneumatic and electric gripping a backbone for EOAT

SHANKAR BANGI, Gimatic Automation

What defines a star company? Its management, the employees and technologies, innovation rate of the company. The flexibility, skill, and technology is what makes Gimatic, a star company. This is the winning strategy adopted by Gimatic, a strategy that is known and appreciated worldwide. What makes it a competitive business is its continuous desire to grow.

Shankar Bangi, Managing Director, Gimatic Automation India Private Limited, shares his story of the company growth and how has Gimatic created an impact in his life with Machine maker.

Established 30 years ago in Italy by three friends who decide to combine their different potential and experience to create a dynamic new context. Gimatic Srl is operating in the field of automation and can today boast a vast range of products supplied and used worldwide on a variety of different markets. The company provides taylor made solutions for all the needs and also the high-performance manufacturing and smart automation to meet Industry 4.0.

Gimatic’s pneumatic and electric gripping components have been very stable especially in the EOAT where Gimatic has always taken the lead. Gimatic products are synonymous with top quality and ultra-high performance at rational price ratio. The gripping systems, in particular, can fully meet the requirements of short production cycle and fast picking of parts, which can greatly improve the overall efficiency of the automatic production line.
With the development of trends towards Industrial 4.0 entered an era where it is fasttracking the development of automation solutions. The demand for enhanced stability, high positioning accuracy, easy to install set-up, intelligent and modular capture systems are rising, and these are the basis for further growth in Gimatic.

Growth in India

Spreading its roots all over the world and forming subsidiaries, Gimatic has established itself as Gimatic Automation India Private Limited here in India. The company is an expert in providing solutions and components in the areas of automation and also pneumatic and electrical components. The company has built its global presence in the market. This gives it high recognition from worldwide.

The automation level of the whole plastic processing industry is not too high, manual and semi-automated production lines are common. In the past, manufacturers did not need too high requirements for product precision, processing efficiency, etc., as they would choose directly some less stable automated design schemes that would have to be adjusted every half month or a month. Now, with greater automation, processors can no longer tolerate debugging or even stopping, so more customers are starting to pursue highend EOAT, which is the market.

‘Migliorequalità’ products

The Italian innovations projected by the company are best in quality and more innovative, upgraded to the latest technologies. This gives them the scope of growth in the Indian market. Through its high perfectioned quality products and innovations, Gimatic plans to strengthen its roots in India and reach to more and more customers needs.

Italian products manufactured best

Indian consumers support and promote the best. Compared to the products from Germany and the US, the products from Italy have unparalleled quality and top innovative designs. But its requirement differs from sector to sector. In the manufacturing sector, Italian products are considered to be the best due to its perfect cutting-edge technology.

A versatile Engineer

Completing his post graduation and joining Gimatic 2 years back, Shankarprasad Bangi recalls his journey of being with Gimatic. He says, “Gimatic was looking for establishments in India. I saw this as an opportunity to serve the company with high level of technology and fast growing market”

On the acceptance of Indian masses to the company products, he avers, “We have been recording great responses from the Indian customers. They seem extremely convinced by the products and their quality. I think for any Italian company to increase its market share in the Indian market, they need to strive a perfect balance between the price and technology. This means, high competitiveness with low prices, but our customers save more from the whole processes from design, purchase till maintenance due to the high life and reliable products”

To improve its competitiveness in the market, Gimatic has decided not to limit itself to the handling business alone, but rather to also supply sensors and components for the plastics sector. Gimatic invests more than 10% of its annual turnover back into research and development year-in, year-out, to expand its business all over the world.