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TECNO SYSTEM SpA electrifies the Indo-Italian market

Tecno System

Tecno System, founded by Mr. Tiziano Ianni in the year 1990, is headquartered in the land of innovators and appetizing cuisine, Italy. The company has swayed its storm in the Indian market as well through its electronic products.

The Tecno System Product line

Tecno System is into offering electronic product solutions to meet the customer’s requirements.  The products and innovations include- Electronic Control Units/Vehicle Management Units, DC/DC converters, High Power Battery chargers, Power converters. All the products are targeted at the Electric Vehicle segment.

Mr. Joel Fernandes, Manager IT & ERP, Tecno System talks about Tecno system and how the Italian company has been able to flourish itself in the Indian market.

Indian market rising at a fast pace

Mr. Fernandes feels that with the rapidly growing domestic market and with the abundance of natural & human resource, the market should create an entire manufacturing ecosystem starting from raw material procurement to aftermarket services within the country. He says, “While I equate the current growth phase of India to the growth that China had in the 90s, India is heavily dependent on Imports as far as electronics is concerned. This would help us attain a good customer network in India here.”

Presence of abundant skilled resources

According to him, manufacturing in Europe is an expensive affair and all the European OEMs(Original Equipment Manufacturers) are looking to manufacture in any one of these geographies: Eastern Europe/North Africa/South America/South East Asia. India is particularly interesting as it has a huge domestic market and at the same time will help the group amass the potential of this paradigm shift amongst the OEMs.

Talking more about Tecno System’s establishment in India, the Managing Director-Indian network, Mr. Hariharan Katharajan speaks on how the Italian company is creating a difference in the Indian market.

Addressing the smallest queries and enhancing the quality

Mr. Katharajan says, " This Electronic Contract Manufacturing Services Industry has two sets of people: One with very sophisticated process & quality control mechanisms but cater only too much bigger business volumes. The others, who entertain all sorts of Business volumes, but lack the process & quality controls. We position ourselves as an alternative to these two by entertaining even the smaller business volumes and at the same time offer stringent process & quality control on the products manufactured at our plant. “

Acceptance of Italian products by Indian communities

The Indian market these days is expecting Italian quality products at the sub-par prices due to the fierce competitions from the neighboring countries. But, there are people and companies who recognize the painstaking efforts the company puts in. This segment is expected to grow with the growing stimulation from the government through increased focus on Make in India.

Future growth

The company is currently helping the OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) with manufacturing alone but in the upcoming years, they are planning to offer them the Design services as well.

Tecno System is a global, solid, reliable and continuously growing company. It offers solutions that satisfy the entire life cycle of an electronic product: feasibility analysis, design, engineering, industrialization, certification, electronic production, the realization of systems and finished products and after-sales services and has its main focus on the markets of Automotives, Railways, Aerospace and Defence.