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Speroni brings Italian innovations to the Indian Machine Tool industry

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Originating from the land of marvellous innovations and discoveries, Speroni spreads its roots of Italian technologies into the Indian market, bringing latest technologies like Industry4.0, enhance the productivity and the profitability of the companies.

Speroni in India has presented its exclusive range of reliable tool presetters that compliment the broad spectrum of the tool presetting systems. They have also introduced the innovations that are supporting Industry 4.0 in this era of digitisation.

India is a challenging market

Andrea Speroni, CEO of Speroni SpA, expresses his views on the Indian market. He says, “The Indian market is a great and challenging market. It has huge potential. Investing in the Indian market has never been a wrong decision for Speroni as we have been very successful in serving the different companies here. We as a company are inquisitive to bring in more innovations that would change the market scenarios.”

Adding to Mr. Speroni’s views, Ravindra Moolya, General Manager of Speroni India describes the Indian market for Speroni as, “We as Speroni are present in every sphere of the machining needs. Wherever the tool rotates, we are there be it an aerospace, automotive, heavy machining industry, tool room etc, we cater to all segments.”

 Serving the small scale industries

The small scale industries have limitations of budget and are on a continuous spree for new innovations that can well suit their pockets. Mr. Moolya addresses that the company is providing the tier-2 and tier-3 industries with the machines that helps increase the production manifolds and provide enhanced profitability.

The Italian state-of-the-art technologies would bring a revolutionary change in the Indian market by Speroni’s innovative presetting tools.

Presetting the Future

Speroni designs, manufactures and provides products and services to the manufacturing world to increase productivity in the sector since the beginning. Speroni is a solution provider that designs, produces and delivers solutions which greatly improve productivity and quality in the manufacturing World.

Speroni offers state-of-the-art solutions that guarantee greater added-value to final customers all over the world, since 1963. It is a benchmark for innovation, precision, longevity, and value in the international field of measurement, presetting and tool management. They work closely with their customers around India and throughout the world to understand their needs. They offer suitable technical and economical solutions through the use of advanced technologies.