SMX500 Worlds First Universal NANOFINISH Machine

Grind Master is Global Technology Leader in NANOFINISH Range of Products for Automotive Powertrain components – including Microfinishing, Superfinishing of Crankshafts, Camshafts and Transmission Shafts. Grind Master Technology is trusted by Global Automotive OEMs and received the EEPC Star Exporter Award recently for being the Largest Exporter. After delivering over 400 NANOFINISH Solutions, Grind Master is proud to announce the launch of the Disruptive SMX500 Universal NANOFINISH Machine.

An Automotive Powertrain facility usually has 3 types of NANOFINISH machines –
Microfinishing for Crankshafts
Microfinishing for Camshafts
Superfinishing for Gearbox Shafts

The SMX500 combines the functions of these 3 machines with its versatile NX Series NANOFINISH Units into one Machine – making it a very flexible setup.

There are 6 Breakthrough Technologies introduced in the SMX500 (Patent Pending for 3 inventions). The Machine requires NO SETUP CHANGE and seamlessly identifies and processes the loaded part type. It integrates Part Inspection (Finish and Geometry) inside the machine itself and is equipped with the ultra user-friendly Industrie 4.0 Compliant NANOSMART Control System.

“The SMX500 is truly a Disruptive Innovation and enables Grind Master to emerge as a Global Technology Leader in NANOFINISH. It is ready for the Finishing of Next Generation Automotive Powertrain components”, Says Sameer Kelkar, R&D Head at Grind Master.


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