Shot Blasting Machines from 1977

Jodhpur based Surface Finishing Equipment Company popularly known as SURFEX is one of the oldest in Industry and manufacturers of Shot Blasting In India and Sand Blasting Machine.


The company has commenced production of Shot Blasting Machines in the year 1977. Since then it has delivered more than +6000 Shot Blasting Machines to different parts of world. Our manufacturing facility spread over an area of 50,000 sq feet with sales & marketing, design department, accounts, purchase & stores, after sales, quality control, R&D, production department, electrical department and modern workshop. The sales outlets are located in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. 


Surfex products are eco-friendly and provide the optimum economic solutions. The co. has a policy of continuous improvement on quality of the machine and strives for consumerism. The workshop is equipped with heavy duty overhead crane capacity 10 Ton and 15 Ton, sheet shearing machine, plate bending and rolling machine, MIG welding machines, CNC Plasma Cutting Machine, Automatic Radial Drilling Machine, Automatic Tapping Machine etc just to mention a few. The Company owns prestigious ISO 9001-2008 for manufacturers and suppliers of these products. The company manufactures Shot Blasting Machine, Sand Blasting Machine, Shot Peening Machine, Abrasive Blasting, Grit Blasting, Surface Finishing Machine, and Construction Equipments.


Today after completion of 35 years of operation ‘surfex’ has made a dent in the engineering industry. Hence Our Company has been accepted as backbone and core industry in suppliers and exporters of shot blasting machines in India. Today shot blasting & peening technology in India has seen the sea change. Because of our hard work, our company is indispensable when a requirement of shot blasting & peening come.


Surface Finishing Equipment Co. have introduced unique designed Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine in which ‘Y’ shaped job handling overhead conveyor is provided to increase overall productivity of machine, two motorized trolleys with Hanger are provided for alternate shot blasting purpose, two Blast Wheel Stations located strategically on Blast Chamber which fire Abrasives on revolving hanger.


The hanger first rotates Clockwise, thereafter Anti-Clockwise for the pre-set time, ensuring thorough blast cleaning of the components loaded on Hanger. The machine is equipped with Abrasive Circulating & Cleaning System. An efficient Dust Collector is provided to remove constantly dust in Blast Chamber and keep the abrasive clean of dust and remove broken Shots.


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