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BILTZ AEROSPACE TOOLS for precise Aerospace components


Biltz Cutting Tools Company is An ISO 9001-2015 certified company has developed high-performance Endmills For Aluminium machining. The High-Performance Endmills are majorly used by Aerospace Industries to machine structural parts of Aircraft where high precision along with very good structural properties are required. Biltz End Mills for Aluminium is designed with geometries of 35°, 40°, and 45° Helix and are specifically engineered to accelerate metal removal rates and achieve a quality finish in aluminum and non-ferrous materials.

These Endmills have offset chip breaker geometry that creates smaller chips for optimal evacuation thus requiring lesser torque and horsepower while machining. Endmills are also offered with through coolant facilities and cylindrically reduced necks for Long reach for deep pocketing applications. Endmills with corner radius manufactured on request.

BILTZ End mills are built to last and excel at aggressive running parameters, meaning the user will experience greatly reduced cycle times, heightened productivity, and superior part finish. This translates directly to savings and efficiencies in your shop and positively affects your bottom line.

BILTZ also make Solid Carbide Cutting Tools, Drills, Endmills, Profile Cutters, Thread mills, Special Tools as per drawings and customers specifications. BILTZ also undertake Regrinding and Recoating of Cutting Tools.

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